Saturday, September 9th

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Random Drawing Hands Illinois Man $5,000 Stunt Prize

A stunt day to remember, that's for sure. After rain delays, lightning delays and just pure chaos, three entries sat atop the stunt leaderboard with a W13. Our eventual winner (via random drawing, which is the third tiebreaker) was Jeff Haymes from Willow Springs, IL. Haymes chose to sit out the final prop available on the night, despite being able to win the $5,000 outright had he won the prop. Instead, he sat back and watched two other entries tie him up after a Missouri RB scampered for 24 yards on the final play of the game to push the 4th quarter prop (How many yards will be gained? Options: 144 yards or fewer OR 145 yards or more) over. However, he still managed to snag the winnings by being the lucky winner of the drawing. Maybe make it easy and go for the outright win next time haha!

Thank you to all who participated! Mark your calendars for the next stunt day, which will be December 25, 2012.