Thursday, February 28

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing - February '13

Total wins by The Messenger = 99 (99-88-2 .529)
Number of entries with more wins = 304

And the random drawing winner is.....choques Entry

Congrats choques (Matt C. from Butte, MT)! You will soon receive an email notification from our Marketing team with details on how to claim your Cash. Please ensure the email address we have on file is correct. You can check/update your email address at any time on the Account Information page. By rule, you have ten (10) days to reply to the email. If we are unable to contact you - or any eligibility issues are discovered - we will move to the next randomly selected entries in the following order:

Random entry #2: S. Christianson (Tulsa, OK)
Random entry #3: oricowcankni1 (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Another Ohio Resident Puts Together the Longest Streak

What is going on in Ohio? First, we had Traci Leopold from Delaware, OH win the $100k Streak Stash in January. To follow that up though, Alissa Horstman from New Albany, OH, made a late run in February to take home $50,000 with a W24. To make things more interesting, New Albany, OH is roughly 30-35 minutes away from Delaware, OH. If you live around there, you might want to start playing Streak for the Cash. As far as the action went, it was a tight race with only a few days left. Several entries entered the final 48 hours with streaks of W21 or higher. Horstman had to sweat it out after she lost on February 25, but her closest competition (a W23) fell after Memphis had its 18-game winning streak snapped by Xavier. Horstman's winning pick for a W24 came when Iowa State and Kansas combined for well over 71 points in the 2nd half of their "Big Monday" tilt.

Quite the finish we had for the "Most Wins" competition. With two props left, we had four entries sitting at 120 wins. The 1st half prop in the Duke/Virginia basketball game split the picks at two apiece. The total points scored went under, leaving two left to try and claim the $2,500. The final prop was "Which SCORE will OCCUR FIRST in the 2nd Half?" The options were 1) Made 3-Pointer or 2) Made Free Throw. Both entries on top took the made 3-pointer. About 20 seconds into the half, a 3 was drained and that was the end of it. Congrats to Tyler Finn for taking home the $2,500 prize.

The Streak Stash was not claimed in February, so it will now rollover to March and be worth $150,000. If someone reaches a W27 or greater, they will be eligible to claim the grand prize. Bring on March Madness and the coming of Spring! Good luck Streakers.