Tuesday, April 30

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing -April '13

Total wins by The Messenger = 121 (121-90-0 .573)
Number of entries with more wins = 14

And the random drawing winner is.....linemover80 Entry

Congrats linemover80 Entry (Alex C.)! You will soon receive an email notification from our Marketing team with details on how to claim your Cash. Please ensure the email address we have on file is correct. You can check/update your email address at any time on the Account Information page. By rule, you have ten (10) days to reply to the email. If we are unable to contact you - or any eligibility issues are discovered - we will move to the next randomly selected entries in the following order:

Random entry #2: LittleBoPeep2 (Simsbury, CT )
Random entry #3: JakeM619 (Altamont, NY)

Virginia resident wins $200k as stash falls

All good things must eventually come to an end (or in this case reset), and just when we thought the stash was safe it fell in the final hours of April to a remarkable run. Michael Swanson from Palmyra, VA (population 104 people as of 2010), began the month with a 15-26 record before doing the near-impossible by winning 27 matchups in a row. Beginning the day in a 2-way tie at W24, Michael elected to take Ural (a +120 underdog!) for a road win in Division 1 Russian soccer and got the 2-0 victory, giving him sole possession of first place with a gutsy play. Both he and the W24 who hadn't yet picked on Tuesday then took the heavily favored Real Madrid to win at home in their UEFA Champions League semifinal. As more and more time ticked off the clock during the 0-0 draw late in the 2nd Half, the stash began to look safe. But Real Madrid put an end to that, scoring back to back goals in the 83rd and 88th minute to secure Michael a W26. Now one win away from the stash, he took Ty Lawson's 1st Half Points against Klay Thompson's (whom the W25 took). This became the pinnacle of drama, for the W25 right behind him had a perfect 25-0-0 record, and if Klay Thompson pulled it off Michael would have lost the tiebreaker with both entries tied at W26. This meant Lawson's 1st Half Points would either secure him $200,000 or leave him without a dime to show for his efforts. But Michael's streak simply refused to end as Lawson edged out Thompson 11-9, taking down the stash in dramatic fashion.

The "Most Wins" competition was highly competitive as no one could pull away from one another in April. And in what seems to be a normal occurance these days, the race was so close that it ended in a tie at 132 wins with Ian Polhill taking home the $2,500 prize on a tiebreaker (highest win %).

The Streak Stash was hit in April so it will reset in May and be worth $50,000. If someone reaches a W27 or greater, they will be eligible to claim the grand prize of $100,000 (Stash + Monthly). Good luck Streakers!