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Taiwan Super Basketball League (Bank of Taiwan @ Yulon Luxgen Dinos): What will be the GAME RESULT?
7:00 AM
 Yulon Luxgen Dinos: Leads at Halftime and Wins088.3%
Any Other Result111.7%
Belarusian Premier League: What will be the match result?
11:02 AM
 Vitebsk: Win or Draw--79.6%
 @ Neman: Win--20.4%
eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational (Fort Worth, TX): Which DRIVER will WIN the RACE?
1:05 PM
 Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin or Ty Majeski--13.2%
 Any Other Driver--86.8%
Joe Lunardi's Twitter NCAA Tournament (Elite 8): Who will WIN this matchup in Joe Lunardi's NCAA Tournament?
2:20 PM
 #2 Florida State Seminoles--26.5%
 #1 Dayton Flyers--73.5%
Joe Lunardi's Twitter NCAA Tournament (Elite 8): Who will WIN this matchup in Joe Lunardi's NCAA Tournament?
5:05 PM
 #4 Louisville Cardinals--4.0%
 #3 Michigan State Spartans--96.0%
Joe Lunardi's Twitter NCAA Tournament (#4 Louisville v. #3 Michigan State): How many POINTS will be SCORED in the 1st Half?
5:05 PM
 72 Points or Fewer--96.0%
 73 Points or More--4.0%
Nicaragua Premier League (Chinandega @ Ferretti): What will be the match result at HALFTIME?
7:00 PM
 Either Team Leads--79.5%
 Match Tied--20.5%
American Idol (S18, E9): Will the FIRST SONG of the show be an original song OR a cover song?
8:00 PM
 Original Song--0.9%
 Cover Song--99.1%
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