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W31 Wins $25,000 in March!

Congratulations to ottawasfinest, who won $25,000 for the longest streak in March with a W31! The Most Wins prize went to c4jmu, who won $5,000 after racking up 128 wins in the month! Stay tuned for an announcement in the next few days on the five "Beat the Expert" winners, who will each win $1,000. Good luck to everyone in April!

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International Club Friendly (AC Kajaani @ Rovaniemi): How many GOALS will be SCORED? (90 Min+Inj)
11:04 PM
 2 Goals or Fewer--4.0%
 3 Goals or More--96.0%
International Club Friendly: What will be the match result? (90 Min+Inj)
9:30 AM
 Arminia Bielefeld: Win or Draw--34.0%
 @ Union Berlin: Win--66.0%
International Club Friendly (Odintsovo v. Torpedo Zhavoronki): How many GOALS will be SCORED in the 1st HALF?
1:00 PM
1 Goal17.7%
 Any Other Number092.3%
International Club Friendly: Will Landskrona (v. Torns) & Oskarshamns (v. Almeboda/Linneryd) BOTH WIN?
2:00 PM
 Yes: Both teams Win--6.8%
 No: At least 1 doesn't Win--93.2%
DOTA 2 WeSave! Charity Play (South America): Who will WIN this matchup?
3:47 PM
Thunder Predator296.8%
The Masked Singer (Group C Championships): Which masked singer will perform FIRST?
8:00 PM
Any Other Singer197.0%
The Masked Singer (Group C Championships): Which singer will be unmasked tonight?
8:17 PM
 Any Other Singer068.9%
Survivor (S40 E7): Who will be the FIRST person voted to the EDGE OF EXTINCTION in the episode?
8:54 PM
Any Winner from Seasons 1-281388.9%
 Any Winner from Seasons 29-39011.1%
LEGO Masters (Season 1, Episode 8): Will the GOLDEN BRICK be used during the episode?
9:06 PM
Yes: Golden brick is used during the episode115.5%
 No: Golden brick is not used during the episode084.5%
Lottery Special: Will the NUMBER of the FIRST BALL drawn in the POWERBALL be EVEN or ODD?
10:59 PM
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3. Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and win.

4. New "Forfeit" feature allows you to intentionally take a loss and make your next pick.

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