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Top Groups
1I want 10kMoney money money money35+48,1701235.13
2Road to the final 4More we watch the better we get.25+29,3301173.20
3Uber Wizdom99% or bust !25+27,1401130.83
4Go Beaversgrand prize win20+24,8001127.27
5Fans of Notre DameWe love Notre Dame!1,900+1,948,7201117.39
6Conrad BracketsGo Bucks!25+29,0301116.54
7victoria amawe are winners20+24,5501115.91
8Pirate Guy's ChallengeBeat Pirate Guy for Type 1 Diabetes Research!35+37,1001091.18
9Fans of Portland StateWe love Portland State!25+27,0101080.40
10SMC FAC-STAFF 18Go Belles!25+23,5901072.27
11FWtCT Bracket Challenge#CLANGA50+52,4101069.59
12The Rental Agents$10,000.0025+26,6501066.00
13adidas Basketball WRun It Back30+30,9001065.52
14Fans of Northern IowaWe love Northern Iowa!25+23,4401065.45
16No Cat AWe Don`t Pay To Play,Thats No Cat A90+90,0501059.41
17Seinfeld FansI stop Short!30+29,6401058.57
18Driving to school20+25,3301055.42
19Fans of Mississippi StateWe love Mississippi State!1,500+1,428,5801049.65
20True Freebies R UsCheap dates60+58,7101048.39
21Fans of LehighWe love Lehigh!30+34,5801047.88
22Fans of South DakotaWe love South Dakota!50+50,2901047.71
23Lee+ Fam Pool25+25,9801039.20
24Fans of Missouri StateWe love Missouri State!50+43,5901037.86
25Fans of Middle TennesseeWe love Middle Tennessee!30+24,8501035.42
26This is My GroupThis is my group50+51,3901027.80
27SEC FansIt just means more35+39,0501027.63
28The Players ClubJust Win Baby30+33,9101027.58
29Fans of Jackson StateWe love Jackson State!35+36,9801027.22
30A Dime BackTrophies in every room.25+25,6101024.40
31We love that basketballI like no interruption when the game is on25+27,6301023.33
32Fans of VanderbiltWe love Vanderbilt!40+34,7501022.06
34Dakt Women NCAA TourneyWe enable Dakt success!25+27,5001018.52
35Minnesota Lynx Challenge!35+35,6301018.00
36Fans of Eastern MichiganWe love Eastern Michigan!50+50,8101016.20
37Anonymous Eagle 2018We have Allazia Blockton and you don't.80+72,1301015.92
38bigdawgvikejust win!50+50,7601015.20
39Fuc Title 9We ain't watching these dikes anyway20+23,3201013.91
40Fans of Youngstown StateWe love Youngstown State!60+63,6601010.48
41ESPN OnlyFor love of the game90+82,7801009.51
42ESPN Programming 2018Teamwork Makes the Dream Work35+35,2801008.00
43Fans of FloridaWe love Florida!400+363,6601007.37
44Fans of UCFWe love UCF!30+27,1801006.67
45Fans of ColoradoWe love Colorado!130+124,7701006.21
46Fans of DrexelWe love Drexel!30+26,1101004.23
47Rosie & The Originals20+23,0701003.04
49Fans of Austin PeayWe love Austin Peay!60+50,1101002.20
50Grand Prize Winnerwin the grand prize25+26,0301001.15


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