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1Road to the final 4More we watch the better we get.20+30,6901461.43
2Baylor Bookstore Women's 20+30,5701455.71
3CL&L 2019!Relationally-driven brackets.40+53,5701409.74
4Pedro's Lady Bears30+47,5301397.94
5Go ISU, Iowa & Drake!!20+29,0801384.76
6AntiochW Women's TourneyLioness, Tigeress, and Sows, oh my!25+34,2901371.60
7Fans of Saint Mary'sWe love Saint Mary's!50+65,3501361.46
8Hallie Earle Hall @Baylorὅτι ἐν αὐτῷ ἐκτίσθη τὰ πάντα ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς καὶ ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς25+37,7501348.21
9Board Horde - UConnExcellent 11 Soon 1230+44,4001345.45
102019 MJ Women's ChallengeDown to Earth. Down to Business.25+33,0201320.80
11WandasWomenBracketvilleStay calm and dribble on!30+44,7801317.06
122019 Women's DrawMay the most prophetic win!25+36,6901310.36
13Lady Jag WBB 201935+43,1901308.79
14Fans of BaylorWe love Baylor!2,000+2,428,2601307.63
15I'm the champ!!!!Whatever you do to win, I will too!!! And this is just my 2nd tr20+31,3701307.08
16ESPN - WNCAA TEAMCatch Catch if you can!70+98,0201306.93
17Panther Pride 2019Lets Go!100+138,9401298.50
18Fans of Southern MissWe love Southern Miss!30+38,8601295.33
19Sia House Womens BracketHouse70+72,4901294.46
20Fans of ColumbiaWe love Columbia!70+91,8201293.24
21Fans of South FloridaWe love South Florida!70+95,6301292.30
22Juracich Park FantasyDon't suck this time60+84,9301286.82
23TwitterMadness19UPSET CITY! 30+42,3501283.33
24cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus240+309,1901272.39
25Fans of LehighWe love Lehigh!45+53,4201271.90
26True Freebies R UsCheap dates50+71,0901269.46
27Minnesota Lynx FansFans of the Minnesota Lynx80+100,0801266.84
29Fans of Tennessee TechWe love Tennessee Tech!35+44,3001265.71
31Fans of Florida AtlanticWe love Florida Atlantic!35+48,0901265.53
32Fans of Idaho StateWe love Idaho State!30+41,7301264.55
33National 4-H Council 7411275Clover Nation Comes to Play!25+34,1001262.96
35Fans of Green BayWe love Green Bay!90+110,8601259.77
36Grip it and Rip it25+31,4201256.80
37ND OIT and friends20+28,7701250.87
38Fans of MaristWe love Marist!60+71,1601248.42
39Fans of PennsylvaniaWe love Pennsylvania!35+41,1201246.06
40Lady Battlers 19WE over ME20+28,6301244.78
41BJESL Women's25+32,3601244.62
42Board Junkies Know AllThe title says it all60+85,8201243.77
44tobinhoopgroup17uconn pick these games25+32,3201243.08
45Fans of Louisiana TechWe love Louisiana Tech!45+58,3901242.34
46Volk Family100+126,5501240.69
47SIG Women's MadnessWomen's Shot Charts!45+57,0501240.22
48USAT March Madness Womens20+26,0401240.00
49Old BeachesLong Beach, CA Senior Women's 3x3 Basketball30+39,6501239.06
50Miami Suns Women bracketIronSharpensIron30+40,8001236.36

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