AntiochW Women's Tourney
  • Group Type: Private
  • Group Motto: "Lioness, Tigeress, and Sows, oh my!"
  • Group Size: 0
  • Group Entries Per User: 1
  • Locking Rules: Locked - Brackets may leave/join group only before the Round of 64 begins
  • Group Creator: Jeff Abshire
Only 64 days until the tournament begins!
  • Complete your bracket by selecting the winner in each of the games of the Women's NCAA tournament.
  • You only need 5 minutes to fill out your bracket and then compete against friends, family, and other fans.
  • Compete for your chance to win $10,000 in Gift Cards by creating one of the top brackets. *Restrictions apply. See details.


Play Women's Tournament Challenge for your chance to win $10,000 in Gift Cards. *Restrictions apply. See details.

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