Kai_White's 2021 Entries

ChampBracket NameStatusGroupsPTSPCT
Kai_White 1Game Overkw2c56968070
Kai_White 2Game Overkw2c56964065

So, You're Saying There's A (Second) Chance?

Do you get excited for the tourney to start every year so you can pull for your bracket, only to have it ruined by the end of the first weekend? Well, we'd like to provide you with an alternative. 

Welcome to Tournament Challenge Second Chance, the game that gives you another go at the men's bracket, starting with the Sweet 16 games.

All you have to do is select which teams you think will win each of the 15 remaining tournament games that take place from March 27 on.

Just like the original Tournament Challenge game, you will earn points for each game you pick correctly. The point value for a correct pick increases with each round of the tournament, culminating with the championship game on April 5. Once you've made your selections, all you do is sit back and pull for your picks to survive and advance.

If you finish in the top 1 percent of all brackets, you'll have a chance to win the grand prize of $5,000 in Amazon.com gift cards.*

Instead of lamenting your original champion being bounced early, join in to play against friends, family and coworkers, many of whom also had their brackets busted early on.

You've had the chance to see each team play at least a couple of games, so use that to your advantage. Good luck, and may the second time be the charm!

Here are some notable tools and articles to check out as the tournament moves along:

*Restrictions apply. See details.


Play Tournament Challenge Second Chance for your chance to win $5,000 in Amazon.com Gift Cards. *Restrictions apply. See details.

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