Saturday, November 30

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Play Against Flo Random Drawing - November '13

Total wins by Flo = 106 (106-84-1 .558)
Number of entries with more wins = 204

And the random drawing winner is.....triplebeam31

Congrats triplebeam31 (Lisa M.)! You will soon receive an email notification from our Marketing team with details on how to claim your Cash. Please ensure the email address we have on file is correct. You can check/update your email address at any time on the Account Information page. By rule, you have ten (10) days to reply to the email. If we are unable to contact you - or any eligibility issues are discovered - we will move to the next randomly selected entries in the following order:

Random entry #2: Husky Power 23 (Belgium, WI)
Random entry #3: mrbolt31 (Las Cruces, NM)

Montana resident takes home $400,000 grand prize

It was a record-breaking month in November on Streak for the Cash. We had arguably the toughest race for the longest streak we have ever seen, as well as five entries reaching W30 or better. Oh, and most importantly, the $400,000 Streak Stash was finally won. It's the second largest Stash in the game's history. The lucky winner is Kevin E. from Dillon, MT, who put together an eye-popping W34 (the previous record was W31). Kevin's streak didn't win it going away though. In fact, his entry wasn't even the first to qualify for the Stash by reaching a W27. In total, six entries reached at least a W27, which made the final stretch of November that much better. The "Most Wins" competition was won by Mike T., who gets the $2,500 prize after notching the second best total in Streak history with 134 wins! Great job by everyone this month who put together the best streaks we have ever seen.

The Stash was finally hit, so it will reset in December and be worth a total of $100,000 (Stash + monthly). However, just like last December, the longest streak will win the $100,000 no matter what. The money cannot rollover into a new year, so if you get a win, technically you qualify for the Stash (although we are pretty sure it will take more than that). Our final Stunt Day is upon us too for 2013 with the annual Christmas Day Stunt. Congrats again to all of our winners, and as usual, we really appreciate your continued dedication to Streak for the Cash. Good luck!