Monday, June 30

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Original $20,000 June winner ineligible; Washington resident vaults into 1st Place

The original June winner has been declared ineligible thus making Jimmy S. of Bellevue, WA the champion by default after his A Kid Named BIlly entry finished the month in second place with a W23. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Jimmy's incredible run was that his Streak was already in the rebuilding process by June 14th following England's failure to at minimum draw Italy in the group stage of the FIFA World Cup, forcing him to sweat more than half the month in constant fear of another eclipsing his fantastic achievement. As it turns out someone did exactly that in the 11th hour in the final day of June, and as difficult as that must have been for him to swallow he was once again restored to the champions podium after the disqualification occurred. Jimmy takes home $20,000 for his efforts so congratulations to him!

The "Most Wins" competition was a battle all month long, so much so that when the chips were down and there were no props left to pick the top two entries both changed their Streak entry names to congratulate one another on putting forth such a great effort. Now that's sportsmanship! Of course there can only be one winner, and because Josh V. of Ewa Beach, HI came out on top he goes down in the history books as a two-time winner of the event, having accomplished the same feat back in July of 2012. In that month he took home $2,500; this time around he quadruples his take and nets a cool $10,000 for grinding it out and edging his competition after the top two entries tied at 127 wins apiece, needing the win % tiebreaker to crown him champion.

Best of luck in July to everyone and remember, a year-high $100,000 is up for grabs this month! If you want the cash, what's stopping you? Plan your strategy, make your picks and pray to the Streak gods for good fortune!