Saturday, February 28

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Mad Dash Wins $30,000; March Offers $1 million Prize

The cold winter months always need something to make time pass. Streak provided a great race to follow in January and the last few days of February didn't disappoint either.

The month was casual and just rolling along with a few W20's here and there. Then along came Jordan E. with a streak that just kept growing in size. It started on February 3, but by February 20, he had hit a W25. Things didn't stop there, and he just kept winning. Things reached levels only few have seen on Streak when he reached W30. It came to an end on the 22nd when Northwestern defeated Indiana at home. But with a W30 and nobody in sight, the $30,000 looked like a sure thing.

Joe P. won a soccer game on February 10. It was just a typical Tuesday on Streak, but little did any of us (and probably Joe as well) know, but that win would be the seed planted in the ground, due to become a towering giant. He quickly put together a W10 in two days, and when the W30 fell, Joe had a nice W19 staring him in the face. Could he really get 11 more in a row though? One step at a time, he built the streak. A W25 on February 26 and a W28 at the end of the 27th.

February 28. The final day of the month. Joe began the day taking Roger Federer to win at least 1 set against world #1 Novak Djokovic at the Dubai Duty Free Championship Finals. Federer took the 1st Set (he eventually won the match too) and moved our challenger to within 1 of the leader. However, he did not own the tiebreaker for better win %, so winning two more matchups in a row was needed to complete the amazing comeback. His next game was the #11 Wichita State Shockers playing at home against the #10 Northern Iowa Panthers. UNI had beaten WSU by 16 a few weeks earlier, but the Shockers won the MVC crown in dominating fashion by 14 points. W30. It all came down to one more pick, and low and behold, he chose the Vanderbilt Commodores to win at home against Alabama. Things didn't look so good at halftime with Bama leading by 11. The start of the 2nd Half though was a sight to behold for Joe, as Vandy poured it on in bunches. They would gut out the win and hand $30,000 to the man from Batavia, OH.

Congratulations Jamison S. of Fort Myers, FL for joining an elite club of winning the "Most Wins" contest twice! He won back in October '12, but that was only for $2,500. His 126 wins this time garnered him a cool $10,000!

The big news we kept promising was BIG indeed. The challenge is on and for those who want to accept it, a W40 will win you $1,000,000 in March (April will be the same)! Same rules apply. You must reach W40 and win the month (tiebreakers, etc.) to claim the prize. The longest streak still wins $30,000 regardless. There's also a Stunt Day for the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament. Good luck to all!