Tuesday, March 31

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W27 takes $30,000 in March; $1 Million Prize in April

One of the best parts of being the StreakMaster is getting a chance each and every month to notify the winner that they've earned a huge cash prize. Today was one of those great days as I had the pleasure of letting Robert M. know that he had locked up $30,000 for amassing a remarkable W27 in March. Robert had the patience to build those 27 straight wins from March 2nd all the way until this morning, March 31st, when an international soccer friendly finally bested him. Yes you read that correctly, his streak lasted almost the entire month! That is the definition of the so-called long haul, going about it with the utmost planning, patience and perhaps even drawing on a bit of luck along the way. After hitting his W27 a few challengers came into contention and were nipping at his heels only to fall victim to the classic strategy of being pushed to action by the leader's phantom pick. We've seen this strategy employed before, and with great success.

If you're unfamiliar here's how it works: the leader makes a pick so that it registers "pick selected" next to their name on the leaderboard, only to then switch that pick when it is about to lock to something on tomorrow's board in a continuous cycle as the days pass. Because the leaderboard only displays it as "pick selected" no one knows what their pick actually is, therein forcing the challengers to select props more quickly than otherwise desired in fear of falling too far behind the leader. Robert employed this strategy like a true pro, and when everyone else had fallen only he was left standing with his W27. If you ever find yourself in such fortuitous circumstances on Streak, perhaps consider employing a similar strategy. Congratulations to Robert on taking home a huge payday!

Another congratulations goes out to Jason B. of Creston, IA for coming up one win shy of tying the all-time record for "Most Wins" in a month with 153! This was a difficult month in terms of our prop selection, so to accomplish a feat such as this one a midst the challenges of March was pretty incredible (in our humble opinion).

Now, let's turn our sights towards April! As many of you may have noticed the props were slightly more difficult in March then they had been in previous months. In the hopes of transparency that's because we're offering a $1 Million prize for the longest streak of W40 or above for the second month in a row, and to offer such a prize we need to keep the props consistent and fair from day one until the end. That way if someone discovers Streak in the middle of the month they can play with the same relative difficulty level as someone who started from the beginning, therein keeping the playing field fair and level. So as much as we'd love to put one on the board, unfortunately there won't be any "free greens" this month - we're simply not allowed. And despite that slight bit of bad news, we're hoping the $1 Million offering should keep everyone sufficiently challenged and satisfied in April. Good luck!