Saturday, April 30

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Ties, Draws, and a Boxing Decision for the Ages

After a record breaking March where we saw multiple Streaks of W40 and above, everyone's success came back to earth in April. In the new and improved 2016 Streak gameplay we've really opened up the board, peppering each day with props that are generous odds wise in the hopes of simply making everything more fun. And even with the big odds on our side it was still hard to get a W10 going! Brad F.  of Wolcottville, IN managed to find a way though, breaking through the ranks with a W28 that he amassed through his patient and savvy picking. His Streak began on April 1st; it ended April 30th. If that isn't a tutorial in patience, find me what is. And with a record of 28-0 and no one within reach on the active leaderboard heading into the final day of the month Brad was able to take a free shot at the extra $10,000 stash.

He elected to take the early morning Premier League prop that none of the 5 matches at 10 am ET would have 5+ Goals scored, and everything was looking good until the sometimes beloved but often dreaded "Streak Classic" struck. Soon to be relegated Aston Villa had a 2-1 lead in the 2nd Half but was on a red card, and in true Aston Villa 2015-2016 form they opened the floodgates to Watford in stoppage time. Not one but two goals poured in in a matter of two and half minutes, ending Brad's Streak and a chance at the extra $10,000. Nevertheless he still takes home $25,000 via a tiebreaker for a great effort in April - not a bad consolation prize!

The "Most Wins" contest was controversial to say the least, and to be quite honest I feel bad about the fact that a decision that is so clearly steeped in corruption had to effect our great contest. But that's the sport of boxing and we all have to live with what is out of our control. And that shouldn't take away from Donald J.'s immaculate victory who battled all day on Saturday to remain tied with the former leader heading into the final prop of the month. Luke, the competitor, decided to get crafty and select Badou Jack to win by decision, a side that was only being picked by 8% of streakers despite being -120 in Vegas, thinking that Donald would be taking the lesser picked side in hopes of picking something opposite and jumping him. And yet, Donald out-thought Luke and won the first of the two crucial battles - they were now locked in on different sides and the winner would take home $5,000.

Anyone who watched the fight saw the champion Jack work Bute over round after round, probably winning eight of the first ten based on the judges scorecards that were circulating around the internet and the unofficial @SHOStats twitter account which is always a credible source for in-match scorecards. Bute fought back in the final two rounds and showed a lot of heart, but when it came time for the announcement it couldn't be more clear that Jack was going to retain his title. But this is boxing, and nothing is ever as it seems unfortunately. Two judges scored the bout 114-114 and thus it went down as a quite rare majority draw which begrudgingly I was forced to score as "Any Other Result" based on the official boxing rules. As our ESPN colleague Mike P. would say, "it is what it is", and although Donald won a controversial decision he should be commended for grinding it out all month to reach 140 wins and for outsmarting the competition by getting his opponent to pick opposite him on the last prop of the month, keeping him alive. Congrats to Donald!

The Streak Stash was not won so we will tack on another $10,000, meaning if you win the month of May with at least a W30 you'll take home $45,000! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.