Tuesday, May 31

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The Magic Number 35

To me, March and May are very similar months on Streak for the Cash. Both begin without sudden death, one-off events and end with the pressure of the playoffs weighing heavy on collegiate athletes. As we see during March Madness, upsets come fast and come often, most of the time without the slightest warning or indication. Odds can generally be thrown out the window. But for some reason every year I forget that the middle of May brings the exact same scenarios to Streak: Super Regionals in NCAA Softball and the NCAA Lacrosse tournament both involve big pressure situations where one game can and probably will decide the team's fate. In college this spells unpredictability. And yet, the odds are so tempting to let a big streak ride that they are often almost impossible to pass up.

We don't play big favorites straight up during these events to try to trap anyone, but we know that without a doubt some will not go as planned and big streaks will fall victim. It's a great way to see who will risk crossing the minefield to keep climbing the ladder and who will take a different route, passing up an odds-on favorite for a sport that has less variability. Stacy T.  of Lakeville, MN took the latter approach, never once risking her eventual W35 streak on a college event. Instead, Stacy went undefeated in nine different sports, including MMA, NASCAR, Horse Racing and Boxing. Her variety was impressive to say the least.

Stacy didn't have it easy though. She had to sweat three different competitors that all reached W35 in the days that followed her Streak coming to an end on May 26th. Three times they tried to pass her and three times they failed, the final of which came only yesterday as her competitor chose not to pick the Warriors in Game 7 as a 6.5 point favorite (-320 moneyline). We're sorry to say, that one may haunt them for awhile. I can't imagine the nervousness she must have felt seeing the challengers keep matching her mark of W35 only to lose. Either way, $45,000 is headed to Minnesota! Oh, and the sports that ended all three of the other W35s in their tracks? NCAA Softball and NCAA Lacrosse.

The "Most Wins" contest was won by Tyler N. whose Tdirden303 entry (we're thinking the same thing: he is a big Fight Club fan and just spelled it wrong??) went blow for blow with someone who is no stranger to the winner's circle on Streak, the 4-time most wins champion Ian D. I'm extremely impressed Tyler was able to hold off Ian and a few others as his 156 wins just never seemed to stop coming throughout the month, finishing with an absurd .716 winning %. For Tyler's diligence and great picking we're putting a cool 5Gs in his pocket. Great work!

We've got a Stunt Day on Sunday, June 5th for $10,000 featuring the NBA Finals, Copa America Centenario and the French Open named by the fans as the "Sunday Dash for Cash"! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.