Thursday, June 30

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Variety of Sports Aid in Stash Winner's Streak

Every year on Streak for the Cash when we roll into June and the summer months, we often shuffle out of the hectic pace of picking due to major leagues wrapping up. It can cause the Dog Days of Summer to become more of a reality than it is. However, this year is quite different, as Copa America Centenario and Euro Cup ruled the month of June. Toss our usual MLB, CWS, NBA Finals and others and June turned into an exciting race for all!

Right out of the gate, fans were treated to a rare summer Stunt Day on June 5, and aside from going for the $10,000 that day, it allowed many entries to climb the overall Streak leaderboard at a rapid pace. Throughout the next two weeks, the competition did not hit any stale points with several players going win for win. For one fan, the pile of W20+ streaks battling it out didn't phase him one bit. John V. of Greenville, NC reached W20 on June 17 and never took it to the competition. He would reach a W23 in the next four days, but at that point, still trailed a few slow-playing streakers. That didn't last for long though. John made five picks on June 23. FIVE! He was at a W27, and with four more picks in the following three days, John qualified for the extra $10,000 stash at a W31.

John's streak would come to an end when world #1 Novak Djokovic failed to win exactly 18 games in his 1st Rd match at Wimbledon against James Ward. With a handful days left, the go-get-em leader had to sweat it out to see if anyone would pass him up. Maybe a bead or two, but not much sweating was probably done after each would-be challenger easily fell by the wayside. Oh, forgot to mention the biggest challenger of them all...himself. On June 23, one of his five picks was Aga Radwanska to win her tennis match against Dominika Cibulkova. Radwanksa took the 1st Set and controlled the start of the 2nd when the rains fell and the match ended up being a push due to postponement. At that point, most players (on the chats at least) were obviously upset at the push because Radwanska appeared to be headed for a win. Most probably forgot about the match as the days went by, but a little fun fact emerged, as when the match resumed, Cibulkova stormed back and won the 2nd Set and eventually, the match itself. Might how different the month would've been if the push hadn't occurred or we decided to put the match back up when it resumed.

The "Most Wins" contest was won by Gloria B. who outlasted the late charge of a former Most Wins champ and one of the best pickers in Streak history, Max C.. Amazing job by Gloria to snag her first Most Wins crown for $5,000, and hats off to Max as well for another incredible month of picking!

With June '16 in the books, we head to July with a fresh $10,000 Stash, so if you put together the longest streak of the month and it's at least a W30, you will take home $35,000! And, as always if you finished ahead of me, the StreakMaster, in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt.