Thank you, Streak fans

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Feb 15th, 2019

For the last 2,482 days I've had the pleasure of calling Streak my home. I came from humble beginnings - this was my first full-time role at ESPN after working for a couple of years as a part-timer hoping to eventually get the job (or, let's be honest, ANY full-time job being just out of college). For the experience and knowledge I've gained I owe so much to all of my bosses (one of whom invented Streak for the Cash), my co-workers, and to you the fans.

Tonight will be my last shift as StreakMaster - I've accepted another role on the Fantasy team at ESPN.

Through the years we've been through a lot together. From building SFTC's original stand-alone app, to millions of dollars in prizes, legendary moments (Rick Ankiel, anyone?) and migrating to the Fantasy App under the new mantra of 'Streak', I've had a blast.

You're being left in two sets of very capable hands - one a veteran at the top of his game with years of experience, the other, my replacement, is one of the best gambling and statistics minds I know. I can't wait to play Streak as a fan (even suffering the agony of losing a W10+ on Russian hockey) with the great things that are coming down the road.

One last thing: please be kind to others on the boards, on social media and to the StreakMasters if you reach out to them. They work hard to correct the most pressing issues that affect the timing and scoring of the props at all hours of the day. Thank you, and remember, Start time is estimated and subject to change!