Wednesday, June 10

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Today's Preview
Things start to pick up today with 11 matchups in 4, possibly 5 windows.

Depending on how late you sleep you can either choose between a soccer matchup and a Cricket match. Both Australia and Japan are heavily favored in our "larger victory margin" matchup while Sri Lanka is favored at -150 in Cricket.

At 2:45 p.m. ET, we have more World Cup Qualifying between Norway and Holland. The odds are the same for the over and under.

More MLB matchups dominate our night with a MLS match in between. Look out for our late-night props with an over/under on runs before the fifth in the Twins-A's game and a plate appearance matchup for Adrian Gonzalez. He was walked three times Monday, so that side of our matchup is the favorite here.

MLB Yankees at Red Sox: Who will have more total bases?
Expensive versus cheap is the matchup here. Will A-Rod and Tex live up to their big-time contracts tonight for Streakers or will Youuuuuk and Bay get the job done for the Sox? It should be a close one but very entertaining nonetheless.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had some trouble Monday, finishing with a 37.3 overall winning percentage. Poland's draw with Iraq was by far the top streak breaker.