Thursday, June 11

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Today's Preview
We have a possible 6-win day with 12 matchups on our board.

It's Thursday, so golf starts us off like always. Our 9-hole match features tournament favorite Phil Mickelson against Padraig Harrington. In a full 18 match, we have two of the world's top golfers squaring off. El Nino takes on The Goose!

In Italian soccer, Grosseto gets the edge on the road because of the draw.

Tonight we head to Toronto for the IAAF Festival of Excellence. Our first match is based on the Women's 100 meter hurdles. Although both Canadians in the event are the favorites, Streakers like the U.S. and Jamaica runners because of the 6-2 advantage on the track. In the much anticipated men's 100 meter run, Usain Bolt is the big-time favorite so we match him up against himself. In his last race, Bolt finished with a time of 9.77. Just something to think about.

NBA Finals - Game 4: Who will WIN this matchup?
The Magic can even the series tonight and they're even favored by three at home. Can the Lakers rebound from game three or will the Magic win two in a row to guarantee another trip to L.A.?

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had an average day, finishing with a 52.6 overall winning percentage. Netherlands' 2-0 win destroyed the most streaks but some were salvaged by Mark Teixeira's nine rbi's.