Monday, June 29

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Today's Preview
Wimbledon returns with a huge day, the Euro Under-21 championship match, and baseball in the evening. Happy picking!

If you're playing the tennis, you'll want to keep a close eye on the match schedule, as many of our matchups could be moved hours depending upon what happens on a particular court. Out of our listed affairs, early Streakers are particularly enamored of Andy Roddick, if percentages are to be believed.

The Germans and the Brits are in the Under-21 finals, and it promises to be a close and hard-fought battle. Our matchup is for picking the champion, so any extra periods and/or shootout will be included.

Major League Baseball - New York Mets at Milwaukee Brewers
The Mets have earned themselves back-to-back appearances on ESPN - but don't ask the Streak HQ how. They hope to improve after their lackluster performance against the Yankees.

Yesterday's Results
Winning for most of the day, Streakers ended on a down note after the Seattle Storm was crushed on the road. The final tally had them a touch under 50 percent.