Thursday, January 31

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing - January '13

Total wins by The Messenger = 100 (100-85-0 .541)
Number of entries with more wins = 237

And the random drawing winner is.....Eyes on the Prize

Congrats Eyes on the Prize (Louis H. from Vacaville, CA)! You will soon receive an email notification from our Marketing team with details on how to claim your Cash. Please ensure the email address we have on file is correct. You can check/update your email address at any time on the Account Information page. By rule, you have ten (10) days to reply to the email. If we are unable to contact you - or any eligibility issues are discovered - we will move to the next randomly selected entries in the following order:

Random entry #2: kenneth2007316 (Troy, MO)
Random entry #3: deja2180 (New Kensington, PA)

Ohio Native Wins January Stash

January is starting to look like lady's month on Streak for the Cash. For the second year in a row, we kicked the New Year off with a female taking home the $100,000 Streak Stash. This year, Traci Leopold from Lewis Center, OH, put together a great run of 27 straight wins. Leopold played an outstanding month, building a sizeable streak before slowing it down and picking smart choices. Heading into the final week, her THE Urban Legends Entry was not in the spotlight, as two other entries were matching one another win for win. One of the entries finally fell when the Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics in OT, which left the door ajar for Leopold make a run at the current leader at W24. Things completely went her way after carsh300 entry finally lost with a W24. With only a couple of days to play in the month, Leopold needed 2 wins to reach the W27 Streak Stash mark. She pulled it off on January 30 after Southampton only lost by 1 to Manchester United, and the Miami Heat dominated the Brooklyn Nets. The win makes Leopold only the fourth woman to ever win the "Longest Streak" competition and just the second female Stash winner.

On the "Most Wins" side of things, what a great finish to the month. It's been awhile since we have had a really good race down the final stretch. At the start of the final day, there were a handful of entries still alive for the $2,500 prize, but by the time we got to the final prop of the night, there were only two. Amazingly, both entries (tied at 121 wins) picked opposing sides of the Illinois/Michigan State 2nd-half prop: How many 3-Pointers will be made in the 2nd half? Our eventual winner, Rick Clark, took 6 or Fewer and with 1.9 seconds left, Illinois had a shot for a buzzer-beater to make the 7th 3-pointer. However, they failed to get the shot off and handed Clark the cash.

We now head into a new month (February) where the Stash will reset and be worth $100,000 to a lucky someone if they can reach at least a W27. Thanks for a great start to the year, and good luck!