Sunday, Nov. 30

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Bigsam1122 Now at 24! at 4:51 p.m. ET
Thanks to a clutch home win by the Bucs over the Saints, Bigsam1122 is now only one win away from one million dollars. Does he take another matchup today or wait a while? That is now the question.

Today's Preview
The NFL starts off our day with the Panthers at the Packers (-3), the Saints at the Buccaneers (-4) and a "total points" prop for the Giants-Redskins game, with the over/under at 41.5 points. There is another "total points" prop in the afternoon slot for the Broncos-Jets game with the over/under at 47.5 points. The Chiefs are at the Raiders (-3) as well. The 8:15 p.m. ET game is also on the board with the Bears at the Vikings (-3.5).

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots
Two of the top AFC teams battle it out in New England in a 4:15 p.m. ET matchup. Currently, the Pats are favored by one and The StreakMaster would not be surprised if either team won this one. Both teams will be in the playoffs and will make a run for a Super Bowl berth. Expect a close one around the 21-20 range.

Yesterday's Results
Just a reminder, today is the last day for November's "wins per month," so make as many picks as you can! As for the wreckage that was last night's Streak board, the overall winning percentage was 28.1 percent. The top streak breakers were both Miami's, the Hurricanes and Heat who both lost. "Bigsam" still stands alone at 23. 47 wins this month has the lead with eight Streakers looking to claim the title.

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Saturday, Nov. 29

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Today's Preview
For college football action, Miami (-1.5) is at North Carolina State, South Carolina is at Clemson (-1), and The StreakMaster's favorite matchup of the day features Oregon at Oregon State (-3).

We also have two NHL afternoon matchups with the Oilers at the Blues (-110) and the Blackhawks (-102) and the Kings.

Our NBA matchups include the Hawks at Wizards (-1.5) and the Heat at the Clippers (-2).

NCAA Football (No. 3 Oklahoma at No. 12 Oklahoma State): How many "points will be scored?"
With a win tonight, Oklahoma could leap over Texas for the number two spot in the BCS standings. Oklahoma State should put up a fight, but it does not look like a good night for them. It will be a shootout that's for sure, so The StreakMaster put up a "total points" prop with the over/under set at 74.5 points.

Yesterday's Results:
The overall winning percentage was 48.4 percent. The top streak breakers were the Mountaineers of West Virginia, who lost to Pittsburgh once again. Not much movement on our leaderboard, with "Bigsam" still at No. 1, with 23 wins in a row.

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Friday, Nov. 28

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Today's Preview
Another possible three-win day, starting with two college football matchups as West Virginia (-3) and Ohio (-2) are both favored. In the second time-slot you can stick with college football or switch over to the NHL. In football, Bowling Green (-1) is favored at Toledo, and Colorado and Nebraska battle it out in a "total points" matchup. For hockey, the Coyotes (-105) and Ducks (-110) are favored to win their games and our evening NHL matchup features the Penguins on the road at the Sabres (-105).

NCAAF (Fresno St @ #9 Boise St): How many POINTS WILL BE SCORED in the game?
Boise State looks to make a case for a BCS bowl bid tonight when they take on Fresno State at 6:00 p.m. ET on ESPN2. The Broncos are listed as 21-point favorites therefore The StreakMaster put a "total points" matchup on the board with the line at 57 points. The StreakMaster likes the under here because of all the pressure that will be on Boise State. Although, the Broncos still pull it out, winning 28-27.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers must have been too busy cooking and eating instead of researching matchups. The overall winning percentage was one of the lowest in streak history at 29.5 percent. The Arizona Cardinals were the big streak breakers, losing to Philadelphia Eagles team who really came ready to play. Bigsam1122 is still at the top of the leaderboard with 23 wins in a row, and with some streakers in the high teens going down, he is gaining some separation up there.

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Thursday, Nov. 27

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Today's Preview
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a few "total points" matchups in the NFL, with The StreakMaster leaning towards both "over's." There are a couple of soccer matches on ESPN360 as well, with The StreakMaster taking the "draw" teams in both. Don't forget the NBA, with the Hornets at Nuggets (-2), either. A possible 3-win day for Streakers!

NFL Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles
It is hard to believe the Cardinals are underdogs in this one, with the drama filled week the Eagles had. Vegas has the Eagles favored by two, but the Cards should bounce back after last week's loss to the Giants and win this one on the road.

Yesterday's Results:
Another rough day for Streakers, who finished with a 41.3 overall winning percentage. The top streak breaker was Chelsea who gave up a late goal to Bordeaux, in a match that finished with a draw. Our leader is still at 23 wins in row!

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Wednesday, Nov. 26

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Today's Preview
"Bigsam" could make a run for the million today as we have two slots available. First, we have a couple UEFA Champions League matchups with two powerhouses on the road, Chelsea and Barcelona both going against "win or draw" matchups. Don't be surprised if both of them lose or even tie.

The surprise NHL team of the year so far has to be the Boston Bruins. Too bad Vegas, doesn't like them tonight as they go against the Buffalo Sabres (-110). The StreakMaster however, likes the Bruins in this one.

NBA on ESPN: Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
The Magic have won six of their last seven and they take on a .500 team in Philadelphia, what's not to like here? The Sixers are the favorites at -2, so we might be missing something here. The two big men in the paint, Dwight Howard and Elton Brand should put on a show, that's for sure.

Yesterday's Results:
Just the kind of day The StreakMaster was looking for! The overall winning percentage was a dismal 34.5 percent. Ninety-five percent of active picks took the Warriors, who lost to the revamped Wizards. Manchester United also disappointed Streakers, with a draw on the road against Villarreal. Our leader, "Bigsam" is still at 23 wins in a row!

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Tuesday, Nov. 25

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StreakMaster is on Fire! at 9:48 p.m. ET
Wow, about half our leaderboard has gone down today. The StreakMaster couldn't be more happy with a Manchester United-Villarreal draw and a solid Washington Wizards win. "bigsam" had a pick for a little bit, but decided to take it down right before tip-off, therefore he still stands at 23.


The StreakMaster should have been in this hug, celebrating a streak of 24 going down.

Is The Pressure Too Much? at 3:21 p.m. ET
As The StreakMaster was watching the "Monday Night Football" game last night, he thought to himself, "If I am nervous watching this with no money on the line, how are the leaders feeling?" Seriously, what on earth goes through your mind, not only making the 25th pick but watching it on television too? All The StreakMaster knows is that getting to 24 is emotionally draining enough, but losing on the last pick? Man, oh man. It's not easy getting 25 in a row, trust me, although The StreakMaster has done it TWICE!

Today's Preview
The UEFA Champions League kicks off our day with matches at 12:30 p.m. ET, and 2:45 p.m. ET. With the draw included, Juventus and Villarreal are favored, but with Villarreal going up against the defending champs, Manchester United, anything can happen.

Our lone NBA matchup may look like a mismatch when looking at the teams' records, but the Wizards should come out extra motivated since they lost their coach yesterday.

NCAA Football: Navy at Northern Illinois
In our game of the night on ESPN Classic, Navy is on the road at Northern Illinois (-3). So far, Streakers like the Midshipmen as underdogs on the road for some reason. The StreakMaster is going the opposite way, so good luck with that choice.

Yesterday's Results:
The StreakMaster did some major damage to the board last night, destroying 62 percent of streaks, including our former leader. Bigsam1122 is now king of the mountain with 23 wins in a row but with The StreakMaster on a streak breaking roll, who knows how long he will last.

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Monday, Nov. 24

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Aaron Rodgers attended Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, CA.

Down Goes Another One! at 11:58 p.m. ET
Another Streaker going for 25, another one gone. The StreakMaster strikes again! Too bad he has another Streaker coming for his million, with "bigsam" now at 23 wins in a row.

Shootout Could Turn (Streak) Deadly at 10:05 p.m. ET
Both offenses look solid tonight, but the Saints take a 24-21 lead going into half number two. Can the Pack come back on the road? Stay tuned to find out! Do you think "gmreynolds" has a voice left?

Green Bay For the Win!!! at 8:41 p.m. ET
"gmreynolds" wasted little game and is going for the win on "Monday Night Football!" Will his hometown hero, Aaron Rodgers lead him to the promise land? Or will Drew Brees pick apart the Packers defense? This one should be a nail-biter!

To Pick or Not to Pick? at 3:28 p.m. ET
There have been plenty of people on the message boards trying to give "gmreynolds" advice and asking questions about his methods. People want to know if he will wait for a "gimmie" or wait for the weekend games. Many message board posters want to know if he will go with his current hot streak and pick tonight. "gmreynolds" is the only person who knows the answers to all these questions, but one thing is for sure, the pressure is all on him.

Little known fact: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and our leader are from the same home town. I mean with that connection, you take the Packers, right?

P.S. Since when did The StreakMaster become the most hated person on the internet?

Today's Preview

"Monday Night Football": Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints
Two .500 teams own the only matchup on our board. The Saints are favored by one but Reggie Bush is not expected to play, so this one could go either way. The StreakMaster will not suggest a pick tonight because he doesn't want his record to be shattered!

Yesterday's Results:
This weekend was by far the most entertaining in streak history. The overall winning percentage was a solid 67.6 percent but two potential $1 million winners went down thanks to the Atlanta Falcons. gmreynolds71283 is sitting pretty with a two game cushion and a streak of 24. The StreakMaster is holding on by a thread, we'll see how long his record can last.

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Sunday, Nov. 23

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Colts for 24 at 11:21 p.m. ET
gmreynolds (profile) extended his winning streak to 24 games on Adam Vinatieri's 51-yard field goal as time expired in San Diego. The 25-year old California native had two NCAAF wins yesterday (Clemson and Boston College), and correctly picked the Baltimore Ravens win earlier today to get to 23. With only one game on the board for tomorrow the question now becomes - will the $1M come down to MNF? We'll have to wait and see.


Carolina Blues

So Close, Yet So Far! 7:22 p.m. ET
Sorry, JFulk89, The StreakMaster strikes again! The Atlanta Falcons ended his 24-game winning streak earlier today with a 45-28 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Our new leader, gmreynolds71283 is now at 23. The other previous 23-game Streaker - girlie_girl21 - also picked Carolina and went down. This game can be so harsh.

$1M on the line with Panthers at 4:21 p.m. ET
The picks are in! Both JFulk89 and girlie_girl21 have picked the Carolina Panthers to beat the Atlanta Falcons. We'll either have a winner tonight or gmreynolds71283 is sitting in the lead at 23.

Three-Way Race to 25! at 8:56 a.m. ET
Ladies and gentleman, this could be the day we see a Streaker hit 25! Keep in mind that if JFulk89 wins his next matchup to get to 25, he is not automatically declared the winner. Both, girlie_girl21 and gmreynolds71283 have a chance to get to the magic number because of the three time-slots we have on the board. If multiple Streakers get to 25 today, the tie-breaker will be the entry with the highest winning percentage. Good luck to all!

Today's Preview
Today's NFL matchups include, The Eagles at Ravens (-1.5), Patriots at Dolphins (+1.5), and the Panthers at Falcons (pick'em). All three day games should be close, but, if The StreakMaster had to choose a "lock" it would be the Panthers.

The MLS Cup has come down to two teams, the Columbus Crew and the New York Red Bulls. Columbus was the team to beat all season, and they are given the edge to win the championship by a half goal (-.5).

ESPN sneaks in some college football on us tonight, with Connecticut on the road at South Florida (-3). Donald Brown has been great all season and should run for at least 120 yards and with South Florida currently on a three-game losing streak, it could be more.

NFL Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers
The StreakMaster is not sure why everyone still likes the Chargers this season. The past few years they have been up and down, and never reached their potential. LT might have a big game but the Colts should win this one, as they are finally clicking and making a run towards the AFC playoffs.

Yesterday's Results:
53.4 was the overall winning percentage, not bad for a Saturday. Today is the big day, however, because The StreakMaster has three Streakers to worry about. Rest assured fellow Streakers, The StreakMaster will not make this day easy for the leaders! We had two major streak breakers in Texas Tech, who finally went down to Oklahoma, and the England Rugby team whom just couldn't handle the World Champions, in South Africa.

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Saturday, Nov. 22

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One Pick Away From One Million Dollars! 6:54 p.m. ET
What a run by sfniners_1 but we have a new leader, whom is now only ONE win away from a life changing amount of money. The question now is, what pick will JFulk89 make next?

Someone Will Have 24 After BC-Wake Forest at 3:57 p.m. ET
Wow, what a day it has been. We now have two leaders at 23 wins in a row, JFulk89 and sfniners_1. JFulk has chosen the BC Eagles while sfniners picked Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons are favored by 1.5 points, but with a spread that close, anything can happen. Keep checking in with us!

Today's Preview:
What a day this could be! Will sfniners_1 make a pick today? We shall see.

Our first ever Rugby match hits our board with England (-110) hosting South Africa (-110). Our featured English Premier League match features Arsenal on the road against Manchester City, whom are favored with the draw at home.

For college football games, Clemson (-2.5) is at Virginia, Boston College is on the road at Wake Forest (-2.5), Oregon State is at Arizona (-2.5) and Florida State (-1.5) is at Maryland.

In the NHL, Atlanta should be able to take care of Columbus at home.

No. 2 Texas Tech at No. 5 Oklahoma
Not only is SportsNation picking Oklahoma to win but Vegas thinks so too, making the Sooners a seven point favorite. Seven points seems a little too high for a big game like this, but the Sooners hardly ever lose at home. This one is too close to call, so The StreakMaster won't make a pick to jinx any Streakers.

Yesterday's Results:
Another highly successful day for Streakers, whom netted a 73.7 overall winning percentage. Once again, there was no big streak breaker, but what we do know is that the top of the leaderboard is getting packed. Scott now has two Streakers with 21 wins behind him. He must be feeling the pressure now!

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Friday, Nov. 21

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sfniners_1 on ESPNEWS at 10:57 p.m. ET
Scott Conant was interviewed by ESPN's Jon Anik in Bristol on Friday night and talked about his amazing streak to 23 wins. Watch the video.

StreakMaster Holds a Million Dollar Check at 5:08 p.m. ET
Our leader will be on multiple ESPN broadcasts throughout the weekend, so make sure you check our main page to find out where he will be next. Good luck, sfniners_1 you're going to need it!

Chat With The StreakMaster AND sfniners_1 This Afternoon!
Our Streak leader will be joining The StreakMaster in his weekly chat at 3:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to stop by if you have any questions or suggestions for our leader or if you have any ideas how The StreakMaster can take him down!


The StreakMaster with the million dollar paycheck!

Today's Preview:
Even with a losing record at home (2-3-4), the Tampa Bay Lightning (-118) are favored to beat the Nashville Predators. The StreakMaster disagrees with that line and will go with Nashville. Our next NHL pick is the best bet of the day with the Anaheim Ducks (-121) favored on the road against the St. Louis Blues.

NBA Friday: Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers
The Indiana Pacers have been slipping as of late, and it doesn't help that they have to play a solid Magic team. Orlando is favored by two points on the road and The StreakMaster predicts a win by at least eight. Also, expect a big (fantasy!) game from Dwight Howard.

Yesterday's Results:
sfniners_1 didn't make a pick last night, because he is on his way to ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut! He will be joining us today in studio and hopefully he will be able to make a pick on one of our shows. Stay tuned for more information! By the way, the overall winning percentage for the day was a low 42.5 percent thanks to Georgia Tech's victory over Miami (FL).

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Thursday, Nov. 20

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The catch that won the "over" matchup last night... that hurts.

Ball State Remains Undefeated, Mr. 23 Speaks Out at 3:05 p.m. ET
Well that didn't work out too well. With the 31-24 victory over Central Michigan, Ball State remains unbeaten, but, they still need a lot of help to make a BCS bowl. Also, the 55 total points gave our leader sfniners_1 his 23rd straight win. The StreakMaster got a hold of Mr. 23 and asked him how he felt about his latest win, his response is below:

"It's great to know I'm only two picks from a million dollars, but I have not won anything yet. Last night was [very] nerve racking, but I've always had the theory that if a game starts off slow, the over still has a good chance of happening...I would like to tell my fellow Streakers thank you for all the support. It's pretty amazing how many people are wishing me 'good luck' and telling me they hope I win. - sfniners_1

Today's Preview:
The Montreal Canadiens (-112) at the Ottawa Senators start us off. Surprisingly, Ottawa is only 3-5-1 at home, so The StreakMaster likes Montreal here.

In the NBA, the Pistons, coming off a big win against the Cavs, try to take down the Celtics in Boston. In our assists versus winning margin prop, ESPN's AccuScore system projects that Allen Iverson will have 5.6 assists tonight, so The StreakMaster will take the Celtics winning margin.

NCAA Football: No. 23 Miami Hurricanes at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
The nationally ranked Hurricanes are underdogs on the road at Georgia Tech (-3.5). Georgia Tech is coming off a bad loss to UNC on Nov. 8 but they did beat Miami last season, 17-14. The StreakMaster thinks the Hurricanes are playing too well right now to go down tonight.

Yesterday's Results:
Yes, that leaderboard is correct, sfniners_1 is now at 23 wins in a row. With only two more wins to go, The StreakMaster has taken it upon himself to take him down. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No streak breakers last night, which means we have not had a major underdog victory in a long time. The StreakMaster hopes tonight will be the night!

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Wednesday, Nov. 19

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Yao to Sit Out Tonight's Game, Matchup Cancelled 4:08 p.m. ET
According to multiple reports, Yao Ming will most likely sit out tonight's game against the Mavericks due to an ankle injury. Tracy McGrady has also told multiple websites that Yao will not play. Our matchup has been taken off the board as a result.


Dan LeFevour needs to have a big game tonight for Central Michigan.

Central Michigan Poised to Take Down Undefeated Ball State at 3:20 p.m. ET
If Ball State can take down Central Michigan tonight, they should be able to finish the season undefeated. With that being said, The StreakMaster thinks the Cardinals are going down to a quality Central Michigan team. In the Las Vegas Sports Consultants poll, Ball State is not even ranked as one of the top 25 teams in the country. The StreakMaster can see this is due to their light schedule. The StreakMaster sees this game coming down to the wire, with Central Michigan pulling the upset.

Today's Preview:
Central Michigan has won six straight and look to take down undefeated Ball State tonight. The over/under is 54.5 and Central Michigan games have been "over" in three out of their past four games. With a predicted Central Michigan win, The StreakMaster likes 55 or more here.

For NBA games, The StreakMaster is on the Jeff Green (fantasy!) bandwagon in Oklahoma and expects a win by the home team (pick 'em) as well as a Nuggets (pick'em) win over the Spurs.

NBA (Dallas at Houston): Who will total more points and rebounds in the game?
Josh Howard is starting to find his groove, scoring 20 or more points in his past four games while averaging nine rebounds per game in that span. Also, Yao Ming will be playing tonight with a sprained ankle. The StreakMaster likes Howard in this one.

Yesterday's Results:
Not a lot of movement on our leaderboard with an overall winning percentage of 62 percent. As The StreakMaster predicted, the Hawks were taken down by the Pacers, earning themselves as the day's top streak breaker. Our leader is still at 22 wins in a row!

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Tuesday, Nov. 18

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From the looks of their record right now, Agent Zero really is that valuable to the Wizards.

Streakers Taking Tonight's Underdogs, Unfazed By Odds at 3:41 p.m. ET
Looks like Streakers are looking only at the records of the NBA teams tonight, when making their picks. The StreakMaster is one of few who think the Wizards are too talented to just have one win right now. They will grab one tonight at home against the Heat. As for the Hawks-Pacers, The StreakMaster just has no idea. Both teams are up and down so far this year-- so stay away from this one.

Today's Preview:
In NBA action at 7 p.m. ET, the Atlanta Hawks, losers of three straight since their 6-0 start, are on the road at the Indiana Pacers (-2.5). Also, at 7 p.m. ET, the struggling Wizards (-2) host Dwyane Wade and the Heat.

NHL Hockey: Montreal Canadiens at Carolina Hurricanes
Two potential playoff teams in the Eastern Conference battle it out in North Carolina, with the Canadiens (-102) favored over the Hurricanes. With both teams having similar records, don't be surprised if this one comes down to a shootout.

Yesterday's Results:
With a Cleveland Browns "upset" win, the overall winning percentage was a sub-par 40 percent. 22 percent of active picks in the MNF "straight up" matchup picked the Browns to win, including The StreakMaster. Our leaderboard has not changed with our leader still sitting at 22 wins.

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Monday, Nov. 17

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Kerry Collins, MVP candidate and our leader's new favorite player.

Leader at 22 Wins, Kerry Collins MVP? at 3:17 p.m. ET
Two things that I thought would never happen, are now reality. I give our leader, sfniners_1 a lot of credit. 22 straight wins is very impressive, but with success comes pressure. Imagine being only three picks away from one million dollars? You can't tell me this guy is sleeping comfortable through the night.
Also, NFL fans and analysts are starting to think about who the league MVP is and the name on top of lists so far is Kerry Collins. Can you believe it? The guy can still play and at a high level, for that matter. That being said, there is still a lot of football to play, so I cannot give him my vote just yet.
P.S. How 'bout them Giants?

Today's Preview:
A "total points" prop starts off our slim board at 8:30 p.m. ET -- the Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills, with the over/under at 41.5 points. As the only football game on national television and Brady Quinn taking the snaps for Cleveland, The StreakMaster predicts the over.

Our NBA prop at 9 p.m. ET features a "more points" battle between Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer, with Streakers so far favoring the Suns forward.

"Monday Night Football": Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills
Both AFC teams desperately need a win tonight to stay in playoff contention. The Bills are favored by five at home but the Browns have the players and the potential to pull out a big win. It should be a great game to watch.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers took care of The StreakMaster once again, netting a 68.9 overall winning percentage. Our leader sfniners_1 now has the record with 22 wins in a row. With no major streak breakers yesterday, our leaderboard is starting to see a lot of high streaks.

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Sunday, Nov. 16

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Today's Preview:
Our only "straight up" matchup is at 1 p.m. ET and features the Chicago Bears are on the road against Green Bay (-3.5). Our props feature a "total points" matchup between the Ravens and Giants, which should be less than 41 points. Also, Andre Johnson faces an injured Reggie Wayne in a "more receiving yards" matchup. Don't sleep on Wayne because Manning should have a big game against a weak Texans pass defense.

In the 4 p.m. ET slot, the Arizona Cardinals are at the Seattle Seahawks (+3) and the undefeated Titans (-1) are on the road in Jacksonville.

Sunday Night Football features another huge NFC East battle between the Cowboys and Redskins. With Romo back, Dallas is favored by one in D.C. Our prop features two wide receivers who should have monster days with Terrell Owens vs. Santana Moss in a "more receiving yards" prop.

NBA Favorites: Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings.

NFL (San Diego at Pittsburgh): Which quarterback will have more passing yards?
Two great quarterbacks go head-to-head in a "more passing yards" battle in our matchup of the day. Both Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger are projected to throw for more than 220 yards. The winner will most likely be the player who has the ball last.

Yesterday's Results: Wow, The StreakMaster is having a hard time taking sfniners_1 down. He is now at 21 and with a jam-packed Sunday, he could surpass the previous all-time leaders. The overall winning percentage was 56.1 percent and of course, the biggest streak breaker was The StreakMaster's "lock", North Carolina.

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Saturday, Nov. 15

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Today's Preview:
We could possibly have a five-win day. You hear that, sfniners_1? Starting at 10 a.m. ET, Newcastle hosts Wigan in the English Premier League. With the draw, Wigan is actually favored to win our matchup.

For our college football "straight up" games, Michigan (-4) hosts Northwestern at 12 p.m. ET, North Carolina (-3) is at Maryland at 3:30 p.m. ET, and Oregon State (-3) hosts Cal at 3:30 as well.

At 5 p.m. ET, heavily favored Boise State is on the road at Idaho. The over/under is currently at 59.5. Therefore, The StreakMaster put up a "total points prop."

NBA favorites for the night: Clippers, Blazers and Rockets.

UFC 91 Heavyweight Championship Fight
Brock Lesnar is favored to beat the reigning champion, Randy Couture, but the line keeps dropping and dropping. Lesnar has the weight advantage but Couture has the experience, so it can go either way. That being said, The StreakMaster is very excited to watch this much anticipated fight.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers finished the day off with a 74.8 overall winning percentage and, with no major Streak breakers, the big story is our leader, sfniners_1 who is now at 20 wins. Can he keep it up and get to 25? We'll see if he is still standing after this weekend.

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Friday, Nov. 14

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Today's Preview:
We starts the day at 11:48 a.m. ET with a matchup between Lorena Ochoa and, well, Lorena Ochoa. Ochoa shot a 73 in the first round of her own tournament but that number should be lower today. The StreakMaster put the over/under at 69.5 for her second round score.

In our only NHL matchup at 7:30 p.m. ET, the Carolina Hurricanes are at the Atlanta Thrashers (-105).

The StreakMaster also added some NBA props for tonight's games on ESPN. First, red-hot Paul Pierce goes against Carmelo Anthony in a "more points" matchup at 8:05 p.m. ET. Kobe Bryant (points) takes on Allen Iverson (points + assists) at 10:30 p.m. ET. The Lakers should win by 10 and The StreakMaster likes Bryant in this one.

NCAA Football: No. 22 Cincinnati Bearcats at Louisville Cardinals
Even though the Bearcats are on the road, Vegas has them favored by four and rightfully so. Cincinnati is clearly the better team here, and The StreakMaster expects a 10-point win but in the shaky Big East Conference, this game could have upset written all over it.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers finished with a 49.7 overall winning percentage with the New England Patriots as the top streak breakers of the day. The StreakMaster still can't believe Randy Moss made that touchdown catch. No movement on the leaderboard, but that will change once the weekend rolls around.

Be sure to stop by and chat with The StreakMaster today at 1 p.m. ET.

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Thursday, Nov. 13

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The NBA, "Where you don't mess with Shaq happens."

Suns are Too Old, Rudy Fern Goes Off 1:59 p.m. ET
After watching the Phoenix Suns last night, it is clear they are sinking faster then the Titanic. They were blown out on national television by the Rockets. Granted, the Rockets are becoming a really good team but I thought the Suns had some fire left...guess I was wrong. In other news, my "twin" Rudy Fernandez continues to impress, with 25 points off the bench! I hope everyone picked him up when they had a chance, unless you're in a league with The StreakMaster, because it's too late.

Today's Preview:
The LPGA starts our day off with a "lower first round" matchup between Paula Creamer and Annika Sorenstam. Both golfers are projected to finish in the top five of this event, so expect a close one here.

In our first college football game at 7 p.m. ET, the Akron Zips host the Buffalo Bulls, with the home team favored by three points.

The MLS conference finals start at 7:30 p.m. ET, with the highly favored Columbus Crew hosting the Chicago Fire in the Eastern Conference Finals. With the over/under set at 2.5 goals, The StreakMaster put up a "total goals" prop.

The NFL Thursday night game features a battle for first place in the AFC East when the Patriots host the surging Jets. The Pats are favored by three in this one and even though the Jets have been impressing The StreakMaster, he is siding with New England.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami
In a huge ACC game, the Hokies look to steal a win on the road against the Hurricanes (-4). Both teams are 6-3 and have a chance to win the conference title. It should be a close one and since it's a Thursday night game, who knows what will happen.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers struggled today, ending the day with a 37.9 overall winning percentage. The top streak breaker was Liverpool, who was drastically outplayed by Tottenham in their Carlin Cup matchup. sfniners_1 leads the way with 19 wins in a row.

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Wednesday, Nov. 12

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Hey Dan, thanks for trying to take down a streak of 19 for me. Too bad your receiver can't catch a pass in crunch time.

Battle of the Sexes on the Leaderboard at 2:08 p.m. ET
Streakers have been putting together some impressive runs at the million dollar grand prize lately. The female Streakers have been making a name for themselves as well. cmjohnson562 is tied for the lead with her male counterpart, sfniners_1. I can't wait to see how everything plays out, but, they are going down sooner or later since I'm in charge.

Today's Preview:
Our first matchup begins at 9 a.m. ET, with a "total goals" matchup in the Coppa Italia League between Reggina and Udinese. The over/under is set at 2.5 goals. Our second soccer match of the day comes from the English Carling Cup with a "straight up" matchup featuring Liverpool at Tottenham. Tottenham are the defending champions but everybody knows Liverpool is as good as any team in this tournament.

In NHL action, the Hurricanes (-112) host the Capitals and the Panthers (-112) host the Lightning.

For NBA games we have the Pacers (-2.5) favored on the road at the Nets and the Hornets (-1) hosting the undefeated Lakers.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Northern Illinois
Northern Illinois (-3.5) hosts Central Michigan on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET. Central Michigan is undefeated in the MAC conference and hopes to stay that way but the Huskies will do everything in their power to stop them and hopefully spark a title run of their own.

Yesterday's Results
The overall winning percentage was an impressive 64.1 percent and with no major upsets on the board, our leaders keep moving up. We now have two leaders at 19 wins in a row!

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Tuesday, Nov. 11

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Today's Preview:
An Austrian Bundesliga match kicks things off at 2:30 p.m. ET and features Rapid Vienna at Austria Vienna. With both teams given similar odds to win, this match will be played "straight up" and a tie will result in a "push."

In NBA action, The StreakMaster provides a Duke Blue Devil prop at 7 p.m. ET, featuring former Duke power forwards Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand in a "more rebounds" matchup. Also, the Chicago Bulls (-2.5) look to give the Atlanta Hawks their first loss of the season at 8:30 p.m. ET. In our final NBA prop of the night, Al Jefferson takes on Stephen Jackson in a "more points" matchup at 10:35 p.m. ET.

Finally, in the NHL, the Dallas Stars (-111) are at the L.A. Kings.

College Football: No. 14 Ball State at Miami (OH)
How many points will be scored? Ball State looks to stay unbeaten on the road at Miami (OH) and with the Cardinals favored by a large margin, The StreakMaster put a "total points" matchup on the board with the over/under set at 54.5. With this game being played on national television, the score could get into the 60's.

Yesterday's Results:
Another day above .500 for Streakers, who finished the day off with a 58.5 overall winning percentage. Our leader is still at 19, which is so close, yet so far away from $1 million!

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Monday, Nov. 10

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Brandon Jacobs and the Giants destroy another big time streak, this time with a win.

Is 21 the Unlucky Number? at 3:41 p.m. ET
We, at Streak Headquarters always talk about what goes through the minds of Streakers who hit the 20 win mark. Personally, I think it would be great to have a webcam setup to watch a leader with 21-22 wins, until he or she loses. You can't tell me that Streakers who get to 20 plus wins, are not over-thinking every pick and researching their next pick for hours or maybe even days. We now have had two Streakers who reached the 21 win mark. Maybe, a curse of 21 is beginning to form! Past leaders, let all of us know what goes through your head when you are a few picks away from a life changing amount of money.

Today's Preview:
With large lines in the NBA and NHL today, "Monday Night Football" takes control of our board. Our first prop features a "total points" matchup with the over/under currently set at 47.5 points. The StreakMaster expects a shootout here, so expect a high number of points, especially from the Cardinals.

Our Arizona-based prop features the Cardinals' total points against Amare Stoudemire's points. Stoudemire and the Suns play the Memphis Grizzlies. Stoudemire should have a big game against a weak Memphis frontcourt but I don't see him beating out Kurt Warner's Cardinals.

MNF (SF at ARI): Which running back will have a HIGHER TOTAL?
The StreakMaster put up his new favorite running back, Tim Hightower's total yards -- which is projected to be around 95 yards -- against Frank Gore's rushing yards. Gore is projected to have around 80 rushing yards but with this game expected to be a shootout, anything is possible.

Yesterday's Results:
Overall, a very nice day according to The StreakMaster. The overall winning percentage was a decent 51.1 percent but the big news was our former leader going down with his Eagles pick. May this be a lesson to Streakers, never go against the Giants when it comes to perfection and/or $1 million!

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Sunday, Nov. 9

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Today's Preview:
Our "straight up" matchups at 1 p.m. ET, feature the Ravens (-1) at the Texans and the Saints (+1) at the Falcons. The props include a "more rushing yards" matchup between two of the leagues best rookies, Chris Johnson and Matt Forte. Also, Trent Edwards faces Matt Cassel in a "more passing yards" matchup.

In the 4 p.m. ET slot, The Colts are in Pittsburgh, taking on the Steelers (-3). Also, DeAngelo Williams of the Panthers goes up against the Raiders total rushing yards, since he is projected to rush for over 100. Two of the leagues best tight ends also square off in a "more receiving yards" matchup with Tony Gonzalez against Antonio Gates.

Our Sunday night prop is between Brandon Jacobs and Brian Westbrook in a "more rushing yards" battle.

In NBA action, the Pistons (-1.5) host the Celtics and in the NHL, the Devils (-103) host the Oilers.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
The Giants are in Eagle country for this very meaningful NFC East showdown. The Eagles needs to beat the G-Men to not only have a shot at winning their division but improve their playoff hopes. The StreakMaster thinks the winner will be the team with the ball last.

Yesterday's Results:
Streakers bounced back nicely, finishing with a 70.7 overall winning percentage. With no major upsets on the board and a victory for Texas Tech, our leader is now at 21 wins in a row. Let' s see if he can keep it up!

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Saturday, Nov.8

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Today's Preview:
We welcome back the popular "largest margin of victory" prop at noon ET. The matchup is between two Big Ten teams, Minnesota and Ohio State. Currently, Minnesota is favored by 8.5 over Michigan while Ohio State is favored by 11 on the road at Northwestern.

In Big 12 action, at 2:30 p.m. ET, Kansas is on the road at Nebraska with the Cornhuskers favored by one.

Wake Forest (-3.5) is favored at home against Virginia at 3:30 p.m. ET, and No. 1 Alabama (-3.5) is on the road at LSU. Our prop for 3:30 p.m. ET features a "more points" matchup between favorites Florida State and Penn State in their respective games.

Notre Dame is on the road at 8 p.m. ET against Boston College with the Eagles favored by 3.5, but The StreakMaster likes the Irish in this one.

NCAA Football: No. 9 Oklahoma State at No. 2 Texas Tech
In the must-see game of the night, No. 9 Oklahoma State looks to pull off an upset on the road at Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are favored by four, but The Streakmaster likes the Cowboys in this one to kick off another "November to Remember."

Yesterday's Results:
What a disastrous day for Streakers! The overall winning percentage was an unbelievable 16.9 percent. The StreakMaster couldn't be more happier heading into the weekend. Now if the Streakers at 20 and 19 could only lose.

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Friday, Nov.7

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Today's Preview:
Boo Weekley tees off against Woody Austin in Disney, at 11:25 a.m. ET, in a lower second round matchup. Both golfers are at four-under, making this matchup a toss-up.

Our first college hockey matchup makes the board at 7 p.m. ET with No.12 Notre Dame on the road against No.2 Boston College. Boston College has just one loss on the year, so I decided to give Notre Dame the draw.

In NHL action, Ottawa is at Carolina, with the Hurricanes favored at minus-120. Also, NBA favorites for the night: Atlanta Hawks and the Denver Nuggets.

NCAA Friday Night Football: Nevada at Fresno State
The Bulldogs of Fresno State host the Nevada Wolfpack on ESPN2 at 9 p.m. ET. Fresno State is favored at home by 1.5 and look to improve to 2-2 on their home field. It will be a high scoring game, and I think Fresno State pulls it off.

Yesterday's Results: With only three matchups on the board, I knew it was going to be a hit or miss kind of day. Luckily for Streakers, all your majority picks were correct, earning a 61.3 overall winning percentage. Our leader is still at 20 wins but expect a leaderboard shake up this weekend!

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Thursday, Nov.6

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I like the million dollars where it is...on MY table.

LeBron Breaks Out, StreakMaster Chat Time Changed at 4:06 p.m. ET
41 points for LeBron last night, I saw that coming. Ben Gordon scores 31, my fantasy basketball sleeper (Yes, I called it, ask Keith Lipscomb). With those guys going off, and my wins per month at 11, you would think I would be sleeping great, but it's only the complete opposite. With Streaks at 20, 19 and 18, it has been very difficult choosing proper matchups that fit the right criteria. Rest assured Streakers, once I knock these guys down, the boards will be full again!

By the way, my weekly chat time has been changed to 12:00 p.m. ET, instead of the usual 1:00. Now, you can chat with The StreakMaster for a full hour! I expect all of my Streakers to be there, consider it an early Christmas present.

Today's Preview:
A whole Streak board dedicated to football! Leading our primetime matchups is a possible upset special at 7:30 p.m. ET when Virginia Tech (-2.5) hosts No.23 Maryland. The Hokies are 3-0 this season at home and since it's Thursday, I see the ranked Terrapins going down.

Our second college football game features two outstanding teams from the Mountain West Conference battling for a possible BCS spot. No.11 TCU is on the road at No.9 Utah, with the visiting team actually favored by 1.5. TCU's only loss was to Oklahoma and they already beat previously unbeaten BYU. Therefore I give them the edge in this one as well.

NFL Thursday Night Football: Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns
As a longtime Brady Quinn fan, I have been waiting for this day for a while. No. 10 gets the start against the struggling Broncos and the Browns are favored by 3.5 points. I really thought Denver was going to be a Super Bowl contender this season but a loss tonight could ruin their chances for a playoff spot in the AFC.

Yesterday's Results: While our leader still sits on 20 wins, the Streakers who did play some matchups today had a rough time, only scoring a 41.7 overall winning percentage.The top streak breaker of the day was the "total goal" matchup in which Manchester United and Celtic could not find the net, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. The StreakMaster already has 11 wins this month!

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Wednesday, Nov.5

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Reach 25 wins in a row? "Yes We Can!"

Obama Helps Leader Get to 20 Wins, StreakMaster on Monthly Leaderboard at 1:48 p.m. ET
With 338 electoral votes, Barack Obama won our presidential-elect matchup last night, thus helping jason7245 reach the 20 win mark. He is now the third Streaker to hit 20, and only bobb1982 has had a longer streak (21).
Also, I am not sure if anyone noticed but, The StreakMaster is now on the monthly leaderboard, with nine wins already in November.

Today's Preview: Only a few matchups make our board today, starting with the UEFA Champions League at 2:45 p.m. ET. I put a "total goals" matchup between Manchester United and Celtic with the over/under at 2.5 goals.

In the NHL at 7:30 p.m. ET, the Edmonton Oilers (-113) are favored on the road in Columbus against the Blue Jackets.

In college football at 8 p.m. ET, on ESPN2, undefeated Ball State hosts Northern Illinois. With Ball State heavily favored, I put another "total points" prop on the board with the over/under at 46.5 points.

NBA on ESPN (Chicago at Cleveland): Which player will have a higher total?
LeBron James is currently averaging 22 points per game but that will certainly increase as the season progresses. I put his points up against rookie phenom Derrick Rose's points, rebounds and assists. This matchup could possibly have a final score in the thirties.

Yesterday's Results: Streakers totalled a 55.1 overall winning percentage, with most of the help coming from Barack Obama's victory. jason7245 has now reached 20 wins. Only five more wins needed to win $1 million.

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Tuesday, Nov.4

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Today's Preview:
The first matchup of the round robin WTA tournament in Doha, Quatar between two Russian players, Vera Zvonareva and Svetlana Kuznetsova starts the day off at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN360.

Next, at 2:45 p.m. ET, the UEFA Champions League takes center stage with one of the league favorites, Chelsea favored on the road at Roma.

The Buffalo Bulls host Miami (Ohio) on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. ET. Since Buffalo is highly favored, I put a "total points" matchup on the board with the over/under listed at 50.5 points.

In NHL action, Carolina is at Toronto (-119) at 7:30 p.m. ET. The Boston Celtics are in Houston taking on the Rockets (-2) at 8:30 p.m. ET in NBA action.

Presidential Election: Barack Obama vs. John McCain
Although, this is not a sports matchup, this election needed to be added to the board. Polls and Vegas are agreeing that Barack Obama is the favorite to win the White House, but anything is possible when it's on our Streak board. The American people choose the winner in this matchup!

Yesterday's Results: Streakers come back down to reality with a 44.7 overall winning percentage. The top streak breakers were the Washington Redskins who lost to the Steelers just as The StreakMaster predicted (Is that now two in a row?) We now have a new leader, jason7245 who sits alone on top of the leaderboard with 19 consecutive wins!

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Monday, Nov.3

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This one hit sums up the NFC East so far this season.

Leaderboard Starting to Get Packed, Giants Dominate Cowboys at 2:37 p.m. ET
I am not sure why the leaderboard has all of a sudden, erupted. To be honest, I have not seen a 19 win streak in a little bit and I am not happy to see one, nevermind two. Looks like I have to buckle down and destroy more million dollar dreams, but hey you guys had a good run.
Also, how great was it to see the Giants beat down the "Super Bowl favorite" Cowboys last night, you ask? Let's just say I am still smiling from ear to ear.
By the way, the Florida Gators easily took care of the Georgia Bulldogs to move my "lock" record to 5-3. Still a long way to go to become "The LockMaster", but it's a start.

Today's Preview:
The Russian Premier League starts the day off at 11 a.m. ET, with a "straight up" matchup between Dinamo Moscow and Lok Moscow. The English League Championship at 2:45 p.m. ET, on ESPN360, gives Streakers a "total goals" matchup between Coventry and Birmingham, with the over/under at 2.5 goals.

Two NBA teams that are struggling early-- the Warriors and Grizzles (both 1-2) square off in Memphis at 8 p.m ET. Golden State is favored by two points.

The biggest NBA game of the night is at 8:30 p.m. ET, where the Cavs take on the Mavericks (-3) in Dallas.

There is also a "more passing yards" prop on the board for the "Monday Night Football" matchup between two of the leagues best quarterbacks in Ben Roethlisberger and Jason Campbell, who are projected to have about 190 yards passing apiece.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins
The Redskins look to keep pace with the Giants in the NFC East when they host the always tough Pittsburgh Steelers. The Redskins are favored by three points but I can't see the Steelers losing two in a row.

Yesterday's Results: Streakers had a great day, finishing the day off with a 70.2 overall winning percentage. With no major upsets on the board, the leaderboard is filled with Streakers over at least 16 wins in a row. Two Streakers sit on top of the board with an impressive 19 straight wins.

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Sunday, Nov.2

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Today's Preview:
For 1:00 p.m. ET "straight up" matchups we have the Ravens at the Browns (-3) and the Cardinals at the Rams (+3). The props in this time slot are Calvin Johnson's receiving yards against Matt Forte's rushing yards. Both players should be in the 80-90 yard range. Also on the board is Steve Slaton's total yards against Adrian Peterson's rushing yards with AP as the favorite here.

In the second set of NFL games the Dolphins are at the Broncos (-3.5) and the Falcons are at the Raiders (+3).

On ESPN at 8:15 p.m. ET, East Carolina is on the road at Central Florida with the Pirates favored by four points.

NHL Favorites for the day: Philadelphia Flyers, Atlanta Thrashers and the San Jose Sharks.

Two of the leagues best wide receivers take the field in a "more receiving yards" matchup. Terrell Owens has been having a quiet year while Plaxico Burress has been making his noise off the field rather then on the field. Both stars are projected to have around 60 yards a piece.

Yesterday's Results: A solid overall winning percentage of 64.7 percent for the day. The top streak breakers were the Texas Longhorns who lost in an instant classic to Texas Tech late last night. The top streak extenders were the Michigan State Spartans who barely survived at home against Wisconsin. Our leader is currently at 19 wins in a row!

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Saturday, Nov.1

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Today's Preview:
2007 Big East co-champions square off in Connecticut with West Virginia (-4) favored over UConn at noon ET. Also, Wisconsin looks to salvage their season when they take on Michigan State on the road at noon ET with the Spartans favored by five points.

Pittsburgh takes on Notre Dame in South Bend at 2:30 ET, with the winner most likely making it into the top 25 next week. The Irish are favored at home by five points. Florida State travels to Georgia Tech at 3:30 p.m. ET in conference play. Georgia Tech is actually favored by two points but a win by the Seminoles would solidify their spot in the standings.

The Stanford 20/20 for $20 Million takes over our board with Stanford's Super Starts versus England at 5:30 p.m. ET. England is favored to win the finale with a minus-140 line.

In NBA action, the Hawks (-2) try to stay perfect when they host the 76ers at 7:05 p.m. ET. Then the Raptors are on the road at 8:30 p.m. ET in Milwaukee. Toronto is favored by two points.

NHL Favorites for the night: Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins and the Minnesota Wild

NCAA Football: No. 1 Texas at No. 7 Texas Tech
The battle of Texas is on, with the No. 1 ranked Texas Longhorns on the road to face the No. 7 Red Raiders. Texas is favored by 3.5 points on the road, and if they can get past high-scoring Texas Tech, they should coast to the Big 12 championship. Expect a high scoring game with Texas pulling it out, 41-31.

Yesterday's Results: The overall winning percentage was an average 54.9 percent. Congratulations to our October wins per month winner, louye1128, who had 62 wins in 31 days with a .692 overall win percentage!

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