Sunday, February 28

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Keep On Streaking On
Although February's contest ends with the completion of tonight's Hornets-Mavs matchup, the Streak will be right back tomorrow morning. Monday's matchups will be entered shortly after 3 AM (and no Monday matchup will lock before noon).

Sunday's Preview
Lots of soccer in the morning, with Serie A, EPL, and La Liga all getting a turn to shine.

Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs
Steve Nash and the gang venture to the Alamo where a crafty veteran Spurs team awaits. Who will play the role of Santa Anna, and who will be Travis?

The final event of the Winter Games might just be the most watched hockey game in North American history! The home Canadians hope to avenge their round-robin loss to the surprising USA squad in the gold medal rematch.

Yesterday's Results
When Saturday dawned the $100,000 was still in question, but snufolio's would-be challengers were all knocked off in a day of upsets. Pending verification of eligibility, snufolio has the longest February winning streak wrapped up.

The monthly most-wins competition is still up for grabs, as the day began with a handful of entries in contention.

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Saturday, February 27

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Saturday Preview
With the NHL still out of play, we've loaded up on college hoops. There's also some soccer, curling, and the first rugby match since last August.

The weekend just doesn't seem right unless there's some EPL, and so we oblige. Birmingham hosts Wigan Athletic - the visitors get the draw.

A few miles down the M40, the English rugby team hosts Ireland in the Six Nations tournament. The sportsbooks have this one called as dead even, and we expect a cracking affair.

For those who prefer the big rocks, Sweden and Switzerland will be curling for bronze in Vancouver. The Swiss women couldn't get it done on Friday - will the men fare any better?

NCAA Basketball - Texas Longhorns at Texas A&M Aggies
With these bitter rivals both currently ranked, expect some Texas-sized mayhem in College Station. The Longhorns have dropped six of their last nine, and need to turn it around if they hope to go far in March.

We end our day in San Jose, where the Fresno State Bulldogs visit the Spartans in a game nationally televised on ESPNU.

Yesterday's Results
A successful day for Streakers, who hit almost two thirds of their selections. We also have a new leader with just two days left who is five games ahead of the nearest competitor.

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Thursday, February 25

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Thursday's Preview
A possible six-win day if you got the Waste Management tourney prop in. Other than that, the best bets are: 2 Goals or Fewer between Liverpool and Unirea Urziceni, Villarreal (-105), Vanderbilt (-11), Devan Downey (a predicted 22 points) and Matt Bouldin of Gonzaga who should score around 17 points.

NCAA Basketball (South Carolina @ Kentucky): Which player will score more points
Last time these two met, Devan Downey became a household name in an upset win over Kentucky. Now, the Wildcats are at home looking for revenge. Can John Wall put his team on his shoulders and light it up? Accuscore predicts he will score around 18 but Downey scores 22. What do you think?

Look-In Leaderboard
Snufolio is waiting for the perfect time to strike, but when will it be? The closest entries are 17 and 16, so there is no rush at all to make a pick.

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Tuesday, February 23

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Tuesday's Preview
Only a four-win day but you can make the most of it! Bode Miller is not predicted to get a medal today, even though Streakers are taking him at 96 percent. Barcelona has great odds to win on the road and Manchester United should have an easy time with West Ham.

As for tonight, Michigan (-3) hosts Illinois, Florida (-2) hosts Tennessee and the pesky squad of Northeastern are favored to beat Hofstra tonight by 11.

NCAA Basketball - #13 Georgetown Hoyas @ Louisville Cardinals
The Hoyas travel to Freedom Hall to take on the Cardinals, who are on the bubble needed a big win. Oddsmakers think Pitino's club gets it done, as they are favored by two. Streakers disagree so far, though.

Leaderboard Look-In
Snufolio has 21, can he be the first to take it to 22? With nobody on his back, it could be a while before his next pick.

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Saturday, February 20

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Saturday Funfest
We begin the morning in the UAE and end our night Down Under as Streak HQ has filled the slate with 20 matchups from all over the world.

Hey, that's cricket! England and Pakistan take the pitch for a Twenty20 in Dubai. Pakistan looks for payback after England's victory yesterday.

A doubleshot of Eurosoccer - first Hull City visits West Ham in an EPL battle, and then right after that match concludes Udinese travels to Genoa for a Serie A clash.

In the Winter Olympics, Simon Ammann of Switzerland attempts to win another gold medal - this time in the Large Hill Individual event. On the Streak, we've pitted him against every other jumper.

Danica Patrick gets another chance on the Streak - once again, her challenge is to finish among the top 20 in a Nationwide race. We're hoping there's no early crash this week.

NCAA Basketball - Kentucky Wildcats at Vanderbilt Commodores
The nation's second-ranked team faces a tough road test when they visit Memorial Gym. Although the sportsbooks see this one as almost dead even, Streakers are riding the chalk by a 15-1 margin.

MMA fans get a Saturday night treat as we've posted three different bouts from UFC 110 in Australia. In the headliner, Brazilian Antonio Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira battles American Cain 'No Nickname" Velasquez.

Leaderboard Look-In
We have a new active leader, as Mr. Twenty-one was foiled by Sergio Garcia's win over Tim Clark.

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Tuesday, February 16

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Tuesday's Preview
Best bets for today's board: 2 goals or fewer (-140), Stoke City win or draw, Jenny Wolf (-167), Michigan State (-11) and Kentucky (-3).

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky @ Mississippi State
Streakers love UK at 99% but this could be a trap game, on the road at a solid team in Mississippi State. The spread is only at three, hmmmm. This could be interesting.

Leaderboard Look-In
Only one active streak on our front-page, with a 21 leading the way. Time to make a run, if you plan on catching him.

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Saturday, February 13

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Welcome to the Weekend
A busy Saturday, including both a Winter Olympics proposition and some NBA All-Star festivities.

We start across the Atlantic with Eurosoccer - Bundesliga in the morning, and La Liga in the early afternoon.

NASCAR Nationwide at Daytona - Danica Patrick's finish
How will Ms. Patrick fare in her Nationwide debut? With 43 cars in the starting grid, we've set her target at 20th or better. She'll have a better car than most teams, but she'll also be up against some Sprint Cup regulars who are using this race as a tune-up.

There's a Lone Star State showdown in college hoops as Texas A&M visits Texas Tech.

All-Star Saturday just wouldn't be the same without the 3-Point Shootout. Streak HQ likes Stephen Curry to win the contest.

SoCal will be abuzz when Big West foes CSU Fullerton takes on CSU Northridge. While early Streakers are all over the Titans, we're calling this one for the Matadors by a bucket.

Yesterday's Results
Most of the Leaderboard went down with Siena last night as the Saints went marching out.

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Thursday, February 11

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Thursday's Preview
Best bets for today: Mike Weir, Atletico Madrid Win or Draw, Louisville (-6), Mississippi State (-5) and Gonzaga (-6).

NCAA Basketball: Which team will have a larger margin of victory?
Pac-10 versus the SEC, and no it's not USC-Florida on the football. Cal is favored by 4.5 over Washington and Mississippi State is five-point favorites against Ole Miss. It's a tough decision, that's for sure.

Leaderboard Look-In
Eric9858 has taken the lead with a streak of 21 after CaliCraig13 lost in a heartbreaker thanks to those New York Islanders. Oh, by the way, The StreakMaster has a streak of 10!

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Monday, February 8

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Sunday's Preview
Best bets for today: Delaware (-3), Braga Win (-182), West Virginia (-6) and Kansas (-1.5).

NCAA Basketball: #2 Villanova Wildcats @ #6 West Virginia Mountaineers
It's hard to imagine the Mountaineers are favored by six over a very good team in Villanova. You would think Jay Wright's team will bounce back on the big stage but we'll see what kind of West Virginia team comes out. SM expects a close one, that's fore sure.

Leaderboard Look-In
Wow, eight days in and we already have a streak of 19? That's amazing. Good for you CaliCraig13! Let's see if you can get to 20.

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Sunday, February 7

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Sunday's Preview
We've made it simple. Two or three plays in the morning, then sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl.

One of the biggest European "football" games is taking place in England, where Chelsea hosts Arsenal in a battle of traditional EPL powerhouses. Chelsea hosts, so we're giving the Gunners the draw.

The Orlando Magic travel to Boston in what might be a preview of the Eastern Conference finals.

Super Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints
The biggest single sporting event of the year kicks off at approximately 6:30 p.m. The Colts are sizable favorites, but hey, it's the Super Bowl - so take your chances straight up with either team.

Yesterday's Results
Late victories by the Huskies, Lakers, and Clippers kept Streakers above 50 percent for Saturday.

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Friday, February 5

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Friday Q & A

Q: Is there really only one Streakmaster?

We love the game here at HQ, but nobody is that insane! There are two primary SMs who handle the lion's share of the administrative duties. There's also a sizable team of programmers and engineers who work on the game as well.

Q: How do you decide on which sporting events to use?

There are many different factors of varying importance. In rough order, they are:

- Odds are close to even for either side
- Event is of interest to a lot of sports fans
- Sporting event fills a good time slot
- Event is shown live on television or ESPN360
- If not on TV, event is easy to keep track of over the internet
- Is it a different sport we can use to add flavor?

That's about it. This is only a rough guide; there are always exceptions. We don't want to completely overload time slots, so we won't have 12 options that all lock at 7 PM (the most common event starting time). If an event is being shown on everyone's favorite network, that'll give it a boost. For the NFL's regular season, we experimented with putting every game on the board in one fashion or another. And every now and then it's fun to put up a game that most people would never care about otherwise - and sometimes those games end up being the most exciting of the day, like the Niagara-Canisius game last Saturday.

Q: Are the matchups scored automatically or manually?

Both. You don't really think we have an automated feed for the Canadian Women's Curling Championships, do you? Not yet, anyway.

Q: Why do some of the lock times get moved, while others don't?

Some events don't have exact scheduled start times - for example, the third tennis match on a particular court, or the fifth MMA match on a fight card. Also, we'll move the times of some televised games later if we can be sure that we'll be able to lock them the moment they start.

Q: But isn't that unfair?

We don't think so. In general, we're trying to allow as many Streakers make as many plays as possible, which is what just about everyone wants.

Q: What about unlocking? Why do you unlock some games early, but not others, even if it's a blowout?

We unlock early for over/under propositions that go over, or similarly props of the type "longest TD", "earliest goal", etc. For a straight matchup, we don't unlock until the game is over no matter what the score. During the NFL season, we made a few exceptions for the "greater margin of victory" props, and there may be a couple other examples, but our philosophy is that we don't score a straight winner matchup until the game is over.

Q: I remember a game that was over for an hour and wasn't unlocked! And another time, a game unlocked at halftime! What's up with that?

Every now and then our automation has a hiccup. When that happens, we just play through it like a bad referee call. If you notice a game that has been over for a long time and still hasn't been finalized, feel free to post a comment on the blog Conversation page. If a game unlocks early, it stays unlocked, and the pick is retained, even if a Streaker then picks another matchup (which the Streaker gets credit for as well). Fortunately, this is very rare.

Q: What happens if a matchup is scored incorrectly?

It gets corrected. Sometimes it may take 3-5 minutes for technical reasons.

Q: I played a cricket match, and was locked for 8 hours! Is that fair?

It never hurts to know the rules of the sports you pick. Just be happy it wasn't a multi-day test match...

Q: What is the point of Streak?

To have fun. The money is nice also.

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Wednesday, February 3

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Wednesday's Preview
Best bets for the middle of the week: 27th minute or later (51%), Fulham (-143), Georgetown (-12), Cory Higgins (predicted 16 ppg) and the under for Idaho and Utah State.

NBA (Heat @ Celtics): Which player will record a higher total?
Wade v. Rondo, except Rondo gets to add in his 9.8 assists per game. Accuscore predicts a 26-20 win for D.Wade but they also included Paul Pierce to be playing, which isn't going to happen. Wade is still a solid pick, though.

Leaderboard Look-In
13 entries with streaks of eight, not a bad start Streakers!

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Tuesday, February 2

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Tuesday's Preview
Best bets for today's slate: Platinum Stars (55%), Chelsea (-160), Wake Forest (-7), and Wisconsin (-2).

NCAA Basketball: Which team will have a larger margin of victory?
Two of the top three teams in the country hit the main stage tonight on ESPN. Villanova is favored by 10 over Seton Hall, while Kentucky is favored by 11 over Ole Miss. Both teams are at home, so each should be a blowout.

Leaderboard Look-In
4-0 is the place to be, where are you?

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