Streak Music Video Contest: Winner & Finalists

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When it was decided to offer the music video contest back in March there was a lot of apprehension around Streak headquarters. Even with hundreds of thousands of people playing the game each month, the question "Do any Streakers have musical skills?" loomed in the back of our minds. But the answer - as proven by the the Finalists listed below - was a resounding "Yes!". Determining a single winner among them was no easy task and sparked much debate as each of the Finalists was worthy of winning in their own way. However there could only be one, so below are the final results as determined from the judging panel. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video and feel free to tweet your opinions on how we ranked the field to @ESPNStreak.

1st Place (95 points): Sporting an 80's theme this high-energy quartet from Gainsville, FL finished on top in large part to earning the most performance points possible. The catchy chorus of "Streak for the Cash.... Climbing up the leaderboard" has been stuck in our heads since we first viewed it and their production was top notch across the board. For their efforts they win the choice of an XboxOne, Ps4 or a GoPro Hero3+. Not sure how they'll divide it though...

2nd Place (93 points): Our runner-up received several first-place votes for his "wolf time" story which scored top points in overall quality. His "On Streak for the Cash.... Your streak never last" chorus is so catchy we've found ourselves humming it around the office on multiple occasions.

Tied 3rd Place (89 points): This excellent animated short from Los Angeles scored high across the board. If we had to pick one video to capture the essence of the game this would be it. "W1, W2, W3... I think I'm on a streak" is brilliant. And, in terms of originality this gem scored top points and reminded us just how talented our fans really are.

Tied 3rd Place (89 points): While we got a bit lost in the storytelling part, there is no denying the creative genius on display here. He encapsulated everything we strive for with Streak, referencing the endless sports we include, the functionality of the game and he even managed to throw in an Adam Schefter reference. Well done!

5th Place (88 points): Like Slappy's, this video proved to be polarizing among the judges - some loved it, some didn't. Arguably the best story of them all, it scored high points for originality with the use of multiple instruments - namely a banjo, an electric piano, a guitar and even a basketball - yes, a basketball.

6th Place (87 points): This video rocked a great hip-hop vibe, a catchy tune of "Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose...." but fell a bit short in production value when compared to a few of the videos that ended up finishing higher on the list.

7th Place (86 points): Who doesn't love seeing a slo-mo video of a grown man riding a tricycle in a clear attempt to mock a rapper cruising in his beloved sports car? Like so many of the others this song had an incredible catchy chorus ("I was so close until Melbourne beat West Coast") which FYI is a reference to an Australian Rules Football game that never did happen on Streak but that our entrant thought sounded catchy. And to his credit, it absolutely did.

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