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Mexican CIBACOPA (Rayos de Hermosillo @ Manta Rays): Will Rayos de Hermosillo LEAD at HALFTIME?
3:50 AM
 Yes: Rayos de Hermosillo leads at halftime--83.3%
 No: Rayos de Hermosillo does not lead at halftime--16.7%
Singaporean Premier League: What will be the match result?
7:45 AM
 Hougang United: Win217.6%
@ Balestier Khalsa: Win or Draw282.4%
Russian NMHL (Tverichi @ GUOR Kareliya): How many GOALS will be SCORED?
11:30 AM
 6 Goals or Fewer091.6%
7 Goals or More78.4%
Russian Super League: Who will WIN this matchup?
12:00 PM
Spartak Primorie11296.8%
 Burevestnik Jaroslav943.2%
Brazilian Campeonato Paraibano: What will be the match result?
2:15 PM
Nacional de Patos: Win374.0%
 @ Sport PB: Win or Draw226.0%
The Masked Singer (Group C Playoffs): Which singer will be unmasked tonight?
8:00 PM
T-Rex or Swan117.9%
 Any Other Singer082.1%
Survivor (S40 E6): Which TRIBE will WIN the FIRST IMMUNITY CHALLENGE?
8:11 PM
Dakal or Yara197.1%
Survivor (S40 E6): Who will be the FIRST person voted to the EDGE OF EXTINCTION in the episode?
8:43 PM
Any Winner from Seasons 1-281692.9%
 Any Winner from Seasons 29-3907.1%
Survivor (S40 E6): Who will be the SECOND person voted to the EDGE OF EXTINCTION in the episode?
8:53 PM
Any Winner from Season 1-28736.4%
 Any Winner from Season 29-39063.6%
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1. Predict the winner of ONE of the listed matchups.

2. Once the matchup is final you can select the winner of a matchup that hasn't started yet.

3. Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and win.

4. New "Forfeit" feature allows you to intentionally take a loss and make your next pick.

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