How to Play

Welcome to ESPN's "Streak" - a challenging MONTHLY game that puts your sports knowledge to the ultimate test. The objective of the game is to either:

  • Accumulate the longest winning streak in a month by selecting the winning team, player, or 'side' of the prop
  • Record the maximum possible WINS in a month regardless of your streak

So the question is, are you good enough to win a share of the cash?

Picking winners seems simple enough, right? ESPN has taken this concept to the next level. Sure you know baseball and football - but can you make the right call on matchups drawn from dozens of different sports from around the world? You will be challenged to predict the winners of matchups from the likes of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, PGA, a slew of soccer leagues and tournaments, ATP and WTA, MMA and even non-sports related props that include The Oscars, Groundhog Day and Politics (to name a few).

Play the Game

On your "Make Pick" page you'll find all of the matchups we're offering as choices for that particular day. Each matchup has a lock time (which is often estimated and subject to change) in which your selection must be submitted by. YOU CAN ONLY SELECT ONE MATCHUP AT A TIME. Once the matchup has gone FINAL you will be able to select any other matchup which hasn't started yet, meaning you can absolutely select more than one a day.

Here are examples of "straight up" matchups between two teams:

  • NCAA FOOTBALL - Oregon Ducks at UCLA Bruins
  • NFL - Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
  • SOCCER - Arsenal at AC Milan
  • NHL - Buffalo Sabres at Philadelphia Flyers

Here are examples of "prop" matchups between teams, players or a combination of both:
  • NFL - Tom Brady Pass Completions vs. New York Jets 1st Downs
  • MLB - Colorado Rockies Hits vs. Clayton Kershaw Strikeouts
  • GOLF - Jordan Spieth Lower 1st Round vs. Jason Day Lower 1st Round
  • NBA/MLB - Philadelphia 76ers points scored vs. Jose Fernandez pitch count

For most matchups the side with the HIGHER score, time or total will be declared the winner, but in some cases the LOWER side will win. If you win a matchup your streak continues, if you lose it you're back to 0 - what we call L1.

You are not required to play every day, but the more matchups you predict successfully the longer your streak will be! In the event a matchup that you selected does not take place (for any reason) your streak will NOT end, rather the matchup will be listed as "Cancelled", "Postponed" or "OFF" and scored as a "PUSH".

If at any point you'd like to make a new selection while the matchup you've selected is in progress you may elect to FORFEIT, at which point you will be given a loss and your streak will be at 0 regardless of the final outcome of that matchup. No exceptions will be made for any reason after you've forfeited (even if the team or player ends up winning the matchup) so think carefully before using this feature.

There is a STATUS ALERT on some matchups that explains crucial details that pertain to the prop (located on the desktop page next to the Facebook share button and on the app next to the discussion bubble icon). Examples of such alerts include:

  • Start time is estimated and subject to change.
  • Both players MUST START or this matchup will be scored as a PUSH.
  • This matchup is currently in a RAIN DELAY. Please stay tuned for updates.

Follow @ESPNStreak on Twitter to join the conversation about the matchups with the Game Administrators, known as the StreakMasters. Matchup results may be corrected at any time based upon decisions by the StreakMaster.

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