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Top Groups
1Board Horde - UConnSuperb 11th, Soon 12th20+26,6601269.52
2WSGBCA coachesBest Swishes to the Best Bracketologist25+30,8701234.80
3Evergreen Women's Madness"Meet Needs"20+26,8501220.45
4All my brackets25+35,2401215.17
5D2 West Region SIDs 2021"Make it Yours, but Don't Bet On It!"20+28,5801190.83
6covidstyle 25+27,8501160.42
7Fans of StanfordWe love Stanford!1,600+1,848,2801145.15
8NASM 2021 March Madness40+39,2801122.29
9GRSM Bay Area (Women's)Battle of the Bay20+25,6901116.96
10PC GBK Celtics ProgramDignity and Respect35+37,8101112.06
11CA608: LAStudyin' Sports20+26,6401110.00
12WBB Rules the World 20+24,3601107.27
13Ishan's MarchMadness Pool50+64,0001103.45
14Old Beaches 2021Long Beach CA Senior Women's BB25+30,8201100.71
15MAC March Madness BracketMAC March Madness Bracket45+49,2901095.33
16Fans of RiceWe love Rice!60+68,9601094.60
18Medea's Madness25+27,2701090.80
19Fans of SamfordWe love Samford!25+30,1901078.21
20HeNosUs&LuvsUsAnWe resort to excessive celebration over JESUS !80+80,7001076.00
21ATL All - Women's MM 202135+30,0301072.50
22Dreaming of the BahamasWe can do this!30+32,1401071.33
23Kelly Madness 2022Work Hard, Play Harder30+33,1901070.65
24NYO Women's20+22,4701070.00
25NS Women's March Madness70+73,8201069.86
26Team Poeppelman25+30,8301063.10
27Texas Intramurals 2021Hook'Em25+30,7801061.38
28Fans of AlbanyWe love Albany!170+156,9001060.14
29Coop’s Hoops 2021There is no such thing as just a game!25+27,5001057.69
30Fans of IdahoWe love Idaho!20+24,2901056.09
31SONC Health & HoopsFit For Sport and Life20+24,1701050.87
32AQ Big Dance WCleaning Up in the Paint30+30,3901047.93
33USSF 2021 Women's Bracket30+29,3201047.14
346 most knowlegable30+33,4901046.56
35Team Evergreen 2021All for One, One for all!!!30+33,4401045.00
36Flow NCAAW BracketNCAA Women Deserve Respect Too! :)20+21,9301044.29
37Aggie Twitterers30+29,2301043.93
38True Freebies R UsCheap dates50+57,3801043.27
39Guild 2021 - NCAAW25+23,9501041.30
40Kaschalk Clan25+26,0301041.20
41DESBracket Challenge45+45,8101041.14
42Streak For The cashGet it 150+162,4101041.09
43cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus25+25,9801039.20
44Fans of WashingtonWe love Washington!210+202,5201038.56
45DT Womens Bracket 202145+41,5201038.00
472021 Armanino NCAAW100+99,4601036.04
48ClientComputing2021 WomenGroup Fun35+38,3201035.68
49T.E.A.M.Vicky Bullett- we honor you =D25+25,8701034.80
50GBM Madness (W's Tourney)35+33,1101034.69

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