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1Jake's Picks '22 -Women'sBear Down25+48,5701674.83
2Board Horde - UConnSuperb 11th, Soon the 12th20+31,7001440.91
3WB BracketsTake flight70+94,2801366.38
4GamecockCentral.comYour Home For Gamecock Sports70+94,3801348.29
5Gamecock Twitter WGamecocks winning this thing40+55,5201321.90
6UofSC SOM 9304670Hoops There It Is60+77,3801311.53
7Sorcha BelleTHE LUCK OF THE IRISH30+38,9901299.67
8Medea's Madness 377102625+32,4701298.80
9Sport AnalyticsMay the best model win20+27,2501297.62
10CEEUS 2022Let's go USC Ladies!!20+27,0801289.52
11GamecockWBB FAMS FBNetwork60+85,0701288.94
12Ten12 NetworkWe love the Big 1225+30,9201288.33
13Power PlaysNo Injuries #BanAnkles25+37,2901285.86
14Women's church of bracke20+26,8201277.14
15It's UConnIn Geno we trust.45+55,9601271.82
16go reds go25+32,7101258.08
17ESPN the BracketBuilding 4 and beyond35+46,2901251.08
18Overtime Anything can happen in March25+26,2701250.95
19ESPN WNCAA Team90+117,0101244.79
20TheBest Womens BracketBall Don't Lie20+27,3201241.82
21Fans of VanderbiltWe love Vanderbilt!40+48,3701240.26
22Equal Weight Rooms 71241630+35,9301238.97
23Deloitte Sports 543318420+27,2401238.18
24Swish Appeal SBNin it to win it25+32,0101231.15
25HooperSquadWomenwe fight for women’s rights!25+34,4601230.71
26Fans of NortheasternWe love Northeastern!20+25,7901228.10
27C&S Women's Tourney 202230+38,0601227.74
28MKE Panthers - WBBUNITED WE ROAR!20+29,4201225.83
29BSC Athletics 20+25,6901223.33
30Fans of South CarolinaWe love South Carolina!5,000+6,421,2001222.85
31ND Fighting Niele's ????30+41,5701222.65
32The Committe Challenge 160+200,3601221.71
33Final4 or Bust Cinderella Time 35+42,7501221.43
34Charlotte Office Chaos -W40+50,0501220.73
35Fans of South Carolina StateWe love South Carolina State!25+31,7001219.23
36FIFCO USA Women's BracketCHEERS20+25,6001219.05
37Dawn's Quest for 3*We know who should win...but will they?20+28,0101217.83
38TC - WB 2022 Production180+216,7501217.70
39ReachingTheSummitWBBBest Mid-Major Conference in America!35+40,1801217.58
40SLM 273Any Take Home Points?20+27,9401214.78
41Fans of VermontWe love Vermont!45+52,2301214.65
42Excel 25+30,3501214.00
43Team Yorkery25+30,2801211.20
44MMG Group Bracket25+33,9001210.71
45UofSC Law Women's TourneyEmollit Mores Nec Sinit Esse Feros30+39,9301210.00
46Lutz Family and Friends 264178320+26,6101209.55
47SIS Hoops Women's Tourney30+37,4701208.71
48Tha Lowdown30+39,8101206.36
49ESPN Next WCBB Challenge50+59,0701205.51
50Coach Austin's classesGirls run the world30+32,5201204.44


Pick the correct champion for a chance to win a share of $50,000! Fill out 25 brackets to compete for more cash! See Official Rules for full details.

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