Top Groups
1LSU Law40+41,900974.42
2Pizza X Fans - Women'sFree for Pizza X Fans - Bloomington, IN40+41,520965.58
3Fans of LSUWe love LSU!2,500+2,250,740965.15
4Fan of LSU80+77,170964.63
5💜H.StuelkeC.C.22G.Marsh💜Iowa 💜Hannah45Gabbie24Caitlin2225+23,870954.80
6Simon 73628560+60,040938.13
8Prakash Ray20+19,500928.57
9Ball pressurelove to see a big girl get it in20+20,240920.00
10Fans of Old DominionWe love Old Dominion!30+25,710918.21
11Fans of Louisiana TechWe love Louisiana Tech!50+44,070918.13
12Clark Madness Challenge20+19,060907.62
13LuHi girls20+19,030906.19
14ACHE WB BC 25+23,540905.38
15Fans of Louisiana-MonroeWe love Louisiana-Monroe!25+25,250901.79
16DSHS Yellow JacketsJeans or Bust35+29,480893.33
17Tillery Group20+18,750892.86
18Parrott W House of Hoops20+18,750892.86
19Fans of Southern UniversityWe love Southern University!25+22,290891.60
20💜 Monica Mcnutt50+48,060890.00
21Highlands Girls BBWomens Tournament35+32,840887.57
22C.Clark22🐐A.Reese10💜UTx For Fans of Iowa/LSU/UTex50+49,690887.32
24ill Fayze on Spotify 🎧if you're reading this, just look up ill Fayze. Trust.30+28,330885.31
25Merta Merta 202325+23,010885.00
26NAGBB 23 W20+19,460884.55
27Kev & Kelhoopz 20+21,210883.75
28Board Horde - UConnSuperb 11th, Soon the 12th20+18,550883.33
29fans of iowago hawks250+229,870880.73
30SM Madness 2023 - Womens25+18,400876.19
32GOIOWAGo Hawkeyes20+18,380875.24
33Wills women’s pool 25+20,130875.22
34Quinn Family Wj20+20,120874.78
35bestie bracket challenge✨besties✨20+18,370874.76
36Teag&Tash 25+25,250870.69
37Ward Family 840072425+22,610869.62
38Goldy Cup Sr 202330+27,810869.06
39Hokies Bracket ChallengeDon't Bet On It!50+43,400868.00
42Fresh Fam SlayGJWHF! 25+24,200864.29
43CRCC Members 30+25,920864.00
44Collins Finance 2345+37,030861.16
45the triplets 2.0make money20+18,080860.95
46CODS MM Womens 2023Hoops there it is!25+20,620859.17
47Fans of Southeastern LouisianaWe love Southeastern Louisiana!25+24,000857.14
48WuWGo hawks25+22,260856.15
49Fans of Winston-SalemWe love Winston-Salem!30+25,660855.33
50RMH Systems 2023 Women's20+18,800854.55


Pick the correct champion for a chance to win a share of $50,000! Fill out 25 brackets to compete for more cash! See Official Rules for full details.

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