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Top Groups
1In2014WeTrusteesGood Times, Go Hoos!35+40,5801127.22
2Mike and Mike StinkyWhatever20+23,0501097.62
3The 316 Alumni GroupA champ will be crowned50+55,4701087.65
4Virginia Beta50+59,5801083.27
5XA at UVA Alum40+47,4201077.73
6The fans of VirginiaVirginians unite!!40+41,5201038.00
7VASST AlumniFun with friends30+33,4301044.69
8Official Point SystemHAWKS50+51,8201036.40
9Fans of UVA"Wahoo Wa"170+181,3201036.11
10Kramerfest 201825+27,8301030.74
11Schug BoysHave fun!25+25,5501022.00
12Fans of VirginiaWe love Virginia!15,000+14,751,4501019.10
13222 Legacy20+21,1101005.24
14TeamAnyoneButDukeGo Hoos20+21,1101005.24
15VA Pep Band25+27,770991.79
16Aepi Mu Beer LeagueDefense wins Championships20+23,730988.75
18Glory Days BracketsWin one for...yourself25+24,060962.40
20PKP Tournament Challenge"Losing at sports is losing at life." - Buck Schaaf20+21,010955.00
21Kevin's grouphoop it up20+21,000954.55
22Dominant ACCShould have been ten...20+22,760948.33
25Marie&Jacobis this cat shiz50+47,170943.40
26Bragging Rights BracketGood Luck!40+37,920924.88
27Falcon NationGREAT SUCCESS!!20+19,400923.81
28brackets of Hazlehurst30+30,450922.73
29D's 63Win or lose all glory be to God.250+192,980771.92
30Larkum MadnessIf pigs had wings25+23,990922.69
31Hoos MadnessIn Tony We Trust45+40,440919.09
33F08 Regime20+20,220919.09
34Roanoke ACC Hoops20+21,060915.65
36HooperWe need a bigger boat30+28,380915.48
37Beaches be BallinBall Beachs Ball30+23,060768.67
38The Parquet Mansion25+22,850914.00
39K's ChampionsGo Wildcats30+28,230910.65
40Jonathan K. 2017Too Easy25+21,060915.65
41Gardner fam30+27,300910.00
42losing cousinsout of it25+22,630905.20
43Contiliano FamilyLeave the Gun, Take The Cannolis25+21,710904.58
44Monopoly's BracketsCan't Bust This25+22,580903.20
45SoFlo MadnessThis Is Madness20+20,990912.61
46Hauser's Bracket$10 per bracket. PayPal account & Venmo BHauser36@yahoo.com50+48,710902.04
47APG PE March MadnessHow well will you perform without financial leverage?25+23,430901.15
48Queensmill Quackjobsmissing layups since the 80's20+20,720900.87
49The Ides of InsanityWahoowa25+23,410900.38
50Barrow Bracket20+20,870907.39

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