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Top Groups
1BaylorTwitterSic 'Em20+26,0901242.38
2Gordon Teal's BallersTeal 2021, one entry per person. Good luck!25+26,8601220.91 next year20+27,6201200.87
4Teague of LegendsJust Drew It25+27,5201196.52
5Eta Omegawe may all pick the same winner but oh well45+57,3101193.96
6Presley Fam 2021Mia Kate is our #1 Seed20+24,7301177.62
7SourGrapes #BaylorTwitterCulture of JOY50+68,2401176.55
8March Madness 387603430+35,0301167.67
9True fans of BaylorWe only pick Baylor to win40+45,8701146.75
10S3 BUckets30+34,2201140.67
11Sic'Em365 Bracket Battle140+162,1201133.71
12Bear Pit LeadershipSIC EMMMMMM25+30,5101130.00
13CL&L 2021!Relationally Driven Brackets45+50,6701126.00
14fans of Baylorsicem240+263,8401117.97
15BU Ballers35+41,0901110.54
17A-BasketballScott Drew is a national treasure.40+48,7401107.73
18Buckle Boys20+24,3701107.73
19HP Klife Leaders25+31,9801102.76
20Park Place Waco50+60,5801101.45
21Earle Hall Brkt ChallengeDeclare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future40+46,0801097.14
22ATO 1578122Golden Retriever Boys 50+61,2301093.39
23Pat Neff Challenge 2021One shining (illuminating?) moment35+41,5201092.63
24PGTerrellFish for Life80+88,4901092.47
25MOM Bracket ChallengeMay the best MOM win60+68,7301090.95
26Brooks College - Men's Sic'em Brooks and Go Bears25+28,3301089.62
27BaylorBearsPGDScott Drew is my father25+29,3801088.15
28Baylor.News 202135+40,1801085.95
29BYX Bucks"I'm too drunk to eat this chicken" -Colonel Sanders35+34,4501076.56
31zionsville alumniyeah we lit dab like this i'm hype20+23,6601075.45
32Baylor BoisDon’t sleep on Creighton30+34,3701074.06
33Greater Waco Young LifeWaco YL30+32,1401071.33
34Getting Brackets25+25,6601069.17
35Rains IV20+22,3601064.76
36Hoodway All Stars 20+25,5201063.33
37Spalding/May Family25+25,5001062.50
38Phi Chi tourney challengeTommy will get last40+45,3501054.65
40Texas Theta SAE25+25,2801053.33
41HRC Men's TourneyHRC March Madness Men's bracket30+35,8001052.94
42Harris Creek YouthOwn your bracket!!20+22,1101052.86
43Family Madness XIVKeep it in the fam40+42,0701051.75
44Antioch Youth Waco!Passion for Jesus & His Purposes on the Earth40+38,7901048.38
45Pecan Gap HoopstersWin and take home the trophy!20+22,0001047.62
462021broskisBeen waiting 2 years for this month20+24,0401045.22
47Show me the money! 553050025+26,0101040.40
48Baylor Bearz25+25,9801039.20
49Where’s Rice?Sit and Spin25+25,9301037.20
50Mayer's Mullet Madness20+22,7401033.64

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