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Top Groups
1The Right Time 2021Listen to me now, believe me later on.2,100+1,608,150762.16
2GreenyJoin the Greeny group!27,000+20,012,340740.29
3Tyron Woodley's GroupPlay against Tyron Woodley4,100+3,046,120739.71
4Daily Wager 2021Compete against the Daily Wager team21,000+15,888,680734.63
5SEC NetworkPlay against the SEC Network team4,500+3,332,860733.63
6Rece Davis' GroupCompete against Rece Davis10,000+7,979,030733.10
7Jay Bilas' Group200,000+161,351,620732.13
8Seth G's Group Life on the Bubble 2,600+1,893,220730.97
9LaPhonso Ellis' Group4,300+3,133,620730.28
10Jay Williams' Group69,000+49,765,610728.63
11Solomon Thomas' GroupPlay against Solomon Thomas1,900+1,418,220728.41
12Sarah Spain's GroupPlay against Sarah Spain!4,700+3,432,720728.35
13Elle Duncan's GroupPlay against Elle Duncan5,000+3,935,440727.84
14Chiney & Golic Jr.Play against the Chiney & Golic Jr. team12,000+8,928,350727.54
15Mini Stephen A's GroupI will never know joy. Never feel pain. Only flawless brackets.100,000+103,701,730724.32
16ESPN's SportsCenterChallenge the SportsCenter team700,000+536,934,540722.86
17Joe Lunardi's GroupChallenge the Bracketologist86,000+61,874,740722.17
18Keyshawn Whitehorse GroupPlay against Keyshawn Whitehorse1,900+1,398,110721.42
19 ESPNLA Bracket Challenge300,000+237,119,700721.28
20Tamron Hall's GroupPlay against Tamron Hall2,300+1,681,470720.12
21Common's Group11,000+8,136,970719.19
22Pardon The InterruptionChallenge the PTI team100,000+122,647,410718.59
23Jalen Richard's GroupPlay against Jalen Richard1,900+1,416,710718.41
24Devonte Graham's GroupPlay against Devonte Graham16,000+11,751,610718.23
25KJZPlay against the KJZ team3,000+2,147,360717.94
26The UndefeatedPlay against The Undefeated team4,100+2,969,400717.77
27Trai Turner's GroupPlay against Trai Turner1,900+1,410,350717.01
28Dwight Smith Jr.'s GroupPlay against Dwight Smith Jr.1,900+1,393,430716.79
29Jaylon Johnson's GroupPlay against Jaylon Johnson2,300+1,625,330716.64
30Scotty McCreery's GroupPlay against Scotty McCreery6,000+4,564,080716.61
31Kevin Negandhi's GroupPlay against Kevin Negandhi!2,000+1,460,210716.49
32Around the Horn's Bold and Mute-afulPlay against the Around the Horn panelists!55,000+39,576,300716.22
33SportsCenter on SnapPlay against the SC on Snap Crew31,000+21,956,420713.64
34Alex Highsmith's GroupPlay against Alex Highsmith2,700+1,969,490713.58
35The Max Kellerman ShowPlay against The Max Kellerman Show team52,000+37,561,480713.12
36Rashard Higgins' Group5,000+4,129,260712.92
37Spain and FitzPlay against the Spain and Fitz team3,300+2,382,300712.62
38Maxx Crosby's GroupPlay against Maxx Crosby3,100+2,234,400710.91
39Freddie and FitzsimmonsPlay against the Freddie and Fitzsimmons team1,900+1,380,450710.11
40McDonald's x TC GroupOrder ahead on the app!18,000+13,142,130710.08
41Alexander Mattison GroupPlay against Alexander Mattison3,300+2,358,460706.55
42Bart & HahnPlay against the Bart & Hahn team1,900+1,357,250702.87
43CJ Reavis' GroupPlay against CJ Reavis1,900+1,373,170702.39
44Asya Branch's GroupPlay against Asya Branch1,900+1,363,150702.29
45Ben Garland's GroupPlay against Ben Garland1,900+1,358,410698.77
46Soul of a NationPlay against the Soul of a Nation team1,900+1,306,450683.65

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