Top Groups
1Victor And Ryan GroupFor La Salle Institute in Troy, New York45+46,6301013.70
3AmbassaMadness '2235+35,810967.84
4private sah45+34,600678.43
5all house dchi45+39,270957.80
6H & J20+15,590677.83
7Helix 24Rock Chalk25+24,860956.15
9Rock Chalk Little RockJayhawks in 202245+43,430944.13
10Buster's Bracket BlowoutBe Buster. Beat Buster.25+22,560940.00
11Boogs BoisPDT20+21,340927.83
13HawJaykers 229349640+40,810927.50
14abby&jiggy 3270225dyes 25+18,920652.41
15jason 4504882VT30+20,870652.19
17Let's Stew This“Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun"35+32,290922.57
18Fans of KanasGo Kanas60+59,710918.62
19CHI O MADNESS LAMBDAalways womenly unless bracket bashing 40+37,400912.20
20EVERY DAY FUN DAY45+40,000909.09
22Good Co Brackets 202220+19,080908.57
23SDT MARCH MADNESS :)25+16,490634.23
24Kansas Back Roads"It's dry!"20+19,860902.73
25D's 63Win or lose all glory be to God.300+205,460634.14
26HERE KS Bracket 1Bracket for HERE KS residents25+19,800900.00
27 The Darryal and Boober 35+32,380899.44
28Evans bracket competitiondont lose25+17,100633.33
29Greatest Time of the Year20+18,820896.19
30Ochai Tea ☕️25+21,490895.42
31Hill Top $1025+15,760630.40
32Rock Chalk Family-Friendsanything can be Fun with the right people! 20+19,520887.27
33brannon 5going all the way20+13,860630.00
34KU AEPiJews Loves Basketball30+28,330885.31
35lakes bracket challenge lets go KU20+20,880870.00
36CDJR ConcordHendrick40+23,920629.47
37Unofficial SIG Bracket20+14,430627.39
38Phog.netPay Heed All Who Enter... Beware of the Phog50+41,610866.88
39CCE StaffCedar Creek Staff Bracket Challenge20+19,070866.82
40Llewellyn Challenge 202220+19,040865.45
41JIGGYLets see if we were ever sober enough to pay attention20+13,790626.82
42Salt Lawrence40+32,780862.63
43Midwest Coating 2022You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy20+18,950861.36
44Da boizzz21341Work hardddd30+20,640625.45
45PDT 22Bobs Balls25+22,360860.00
46Zeta Epsilon 202220+18,900859.09
47UNC-CH DDS Class of 2024If you’re not first, you’re last 25+14,360624.35
48 Rock Chalk NFTs bracket Rock Chalk25+24,890858.28
49Fans of Middle GeorgiaWe love Middle Georgia!25+15,570622.80
50Jd's bracket challenge 22only 1 winner30+24,840856.55

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