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Top Groups
1Elle Duncan's GroupPlay against Elle Duncan7,000+4,075,640578.93
2Jalen and Jacoby's GroupPlay against Jalen and Jacoby38,000+22,280,940578.43
3KJM's GroupPlay against the KJM team4,900+2,822,000577.10
4LaPhonso Ellis' GroupPlay against LaPhonso Ellis9,000+5,529,280577.05
5Steelo Brim's GroupPlay against Steelo Brim10,000+6,110,220572.01
6Jay BilasPlay against Jay Bilas200,000+160,230,710571.73
7Bart and Hahn's GroupPlay against Bart and Hahn5,000+3,317,750571.63
8ACC Network 2023Play against the ACC Network crew41,000+23,475,330570.87
9#Greeny's GroupPlay against Mike Greenberg48,000+27,435,160570.44
10Michael Eaves' GroupPlay against Michael Eaves' Group2,900+1,636,990569.78
11ChristineWilliamson GroupPlay against Christine Williamson2,800+1,638,150569.40
12Around the Horn Bold and the Mute-afulPlay against the Around the Horn team73,000+41,742,920568.77
13Spain and Fitz's GroupPlay against Spain and Fitz3,700+2,128,020568.69
14The Chris Canty BracketPlay against Chris Canty3,300+1,899,710567.93
15Freddie & Fitzsimmons 2022Play against Freddie & Fitzsimmons3,900+2,209,910567.37
16Matt Barrie's GroupPlay against Matt Barrie3,200+1,813,770566.80
17Joe Lunardi's GroupPlay against Joe Lunardi100,000+89,396,170566.57
18Ballin' Bachelors10,000+5,652,270566.02
19EJ Williams' GroupPlay against EJ Williams2,900+1,620,690565.88
20WNBA GroupPlay against WNBA players9,000+5,517,740565.46
21ESPNLA Bracket Challenge 2022Play against the ESPNLA Team400,000+227,567,760565.29
22Sarah Spain's GroupPlay against Sarah Spain18,000+10,428,810565.16
23McDonald's x TC GroupOrder ahead on the app!400,000+259,707,820564.66
24Daily Wager's GroupPlay against the Daily Wager team54,000+30,501,840562.54
25Zach Justice's GroupPlay against Zach Justice2,900+1,614,680561.63
26Corporate Bro's GroupPlay against Corporate Bro5,000+2,845,720558.75
27Mo Hasan's GroupPlay against Mo Hasan2,900+1,618,860557.46


Pick the correct champion for a chance to win a share of $50,000! Fill out 25 brackets to compete for more cash! See Official Rules for full details.

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