Top Groups
1Connecticut Scoreboard 60+53,670879.84
2Still fans of UCONNNo interest25+25,210933.70
3A Dime BackThe AAC of Bracket Groups (Bad)90+78,760875.11
4HOUSE ON UCONNUconn or bust45+42,120915.65
5The-Boneyard.comChief Double Bigs Post Goes Here190+167,850874.22
6Fans Of UConnAll the way250+252,920900.07
7Carriage HouseSame as last time.30+23,050768.33
8Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!7,000+5,030,240725.97
9Johnny H ChallengeMay the luck of the Irish always be with you!35+22,180672.12
10Only Evan's230+154,490651.86
11Still Rooting for Uconn120+103,500862.50
12Donahue DominationShort ppl only20+17,890851.90
13Z Dub Sports Nation30+21,410648.79
14SW March Madness 2K23March Madness25+16,100644.00
15UCOHNO!-UCONN-UCONN-UCONNJust Win Baby40+31,480828.42
16McGarry Family Bracket35+21,680637.65
17UC CHEER 23 men20+18,080821.82
18CDXAC Subgroup '23Brotherhood is not only for the young25+20,690795.77
19Garrelts TournamentGo Cats!25+17,190636.67
20HKHS HKHS Bracket Tournament!35+21,500632.35
21Uconn Alpha Sig 20+16,250773.81
22All in the family part 2Win or cry20+14,210617.83
23Chris Carnale Fan ClubYou know what to do20+14,200617.39
24FBGM@UCatching dubs25+20,460757.78
25UCONN 23Gucciiiiii20+17,370755.22
26UConn is BACK 2023Welcome to the unofficial Andre Jackson Fan Club70+42,890612.71
27Picking Blind 2574292Haven't watched a game yet20+13,460611.82
28UCCTFSpeed in on the track30+21,340735.86
29ADP March Madness‼️🫡20+16,880733.91
30Gitlin family MMNo awards for 2nd place20+14,600608.33
31"Win One For the Tipper"20+13,970607.39
32Fans of Semi-ProLove Me Sexy20+17,330722.08
33Chase Pool 879074560+40,590605.82
34Big Daley D's Challeng10 DOLLAR ENTRY VENMO @daledzis…make Bracket your name25+16,340605.19
35PhiDeltCTGvenmo: nik_sah123, CA: $CTGamma45+34,550719.79
36M-Madness 2023 50+29,550603.06
37Ouimet Bracket Challenge 2515602May the Best Andrew Win!25+19,900710.71
38Boyaji Bracket Bowl40+24,690602.20
39Madigan Family Pool20+15,620710.00
40CT Bracket Busters Hungry Huskies 110+70,530597.71
41Greene Hills 2023Go Gators!30+23,870702.06
42UConn TFStay Hard30+21,540694.84
43RSD17BESRSD17 Burr Bracket Challenge30+17,930597.67
44AKΛ 23' MADNESSALPHA KAPP30+19,410693.21
45Naples MadnessPizza is the best20+13,730596.96
46EHHA March MadnessGoodluck20+14,280595.00
47TMG <3small w only40+28,360691.71
48Suit 1625+17,260690.40
50Stags Madness20+14,250593.75


Pick the correct champion for a chance to win a share of $50,000! Fill out 25 brackets to compete for more cash! See Official Rules for full details.

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