blacktableleitch's 2023 Brackets

ChampBracket NameStatusGroupsPTSPCT
Will LeitchGame OverJoeMultiversesTheVolcanoWill Leitch's Newsletter51079
William LeitchGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter45055
Ken PomeroyGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter51079
Wynn LeitchGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter60092
Top Seed OnlyGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter47066
Asa the TurtleGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter40032
Go Fighting IlliniGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter39028
Charlie StrongGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter33011
Dig-Dig the DogGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter41036
Alexa StevensonGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter57089
Bryan LeitchGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter59091
The Time Has ComeGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter2905
Sally LeitchGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter49073
Flesh Eating BeetleGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter50077
Theo LindberghGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter45055
David GallagherGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter53084
Dorothy JohnsonGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter3107
Tina LammGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter33011
Jason WallerGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter59091
Daphne PrestonGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter40032
Karson CampbellGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter42041
Rooting InterestGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter35015
Bryan Leitch 2Game OverWill Leitch's Newsletter46059
Barack ObamaGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter40032
Toughest MascotGame OverWill Leitch's Newsletter37021

Cash in on the Madness

Welcome to the 2023 Men's Tournament Challenge. It's that time of year to make your picks and follow your favorite schools all the way to the Final Four at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas!

This season, you can win your share of a $75,000 prize pool as 10 randomly drawn winners will take home the $5,000 Grand Prize. All you have to for a chance to win is one thing -- correctly pick the National Champion.

In addition, if you fill out and complete 25 brackets in the 2023 Men's Tournament Challenge, you will also qualify for a chance to win the 25th Anniversary Prize -- 25 randomly drawn winners will go home with $1,000!

Don't forget, the same prize structure applies for the Women's Tournament Challenge as well, so be sure not to miss out on that!

Here are some notable tools and articles to check out as the tournament moves along:

*Restrictions apply. See the Official Rules for more details.


Pick the correct champion for a chance to win a share of $50,000! Fill out 25 brackets to compete for more cash! See Official Rules for full details.

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